Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Late-year resolutions

Hello internet!
Yes. I am back - and ready to start up this blog!

I'd be lying if I said that I've always stuck and kept to the new years resolutions I've made over the years... Although, I must give myself some credit this year, as I've miraculously managed to persevere and keep some of the resolutions I made - from the small and insignificant intents such as 'drinking less fizzy drinks' to more personally paramount changes, most of which have been directed at helping to calm down my anxiety problems and stopping myself from despairing and stressing over things that just don't need to be worried over. HOWEVER, the new years resolution which I regret not having kept up with the most, is not having dedicated to writing the weekly blog posts which is what I had originally aimed towards.

Sometimes my life can get so rushed and speed by far quicker than I had ever anticipated - for example, I'm now starting to plan for my final year dissertation... Where on Earth did that time go?! Am I really edging closer and closer to the world of work? I still feel as though it was only freshers week about a month ago, yet I feel as though I've known some of the friends I've made for years! Especially now that it's a LOT more hectic in the second year, hopelessly running from lectures to seminars, from seminars to societies etc. I don't have any particular routine for 'free time' in my week, and I've found myself so busy it's become increasingly difficult to remember things which I would like to, sometimes not being able to recollect any of what had occurred during the previous week, which is pretty unfortunate seeing as I'm only 19 and should have a much better memory than only being able to recollect where I was, who I was with and what I was doing over the four days antecedent to now! Sooooo... voila! Blog 'diary' shall begin. 

The strange thing is, that as the summer holidays were set into way, I felt as though I'd been smacked in the face with a big pan full of a new found extortionate amounts of free time - so I couldn't possibly justify any excuses to not blog more really! But, well, that plan went down the drain when I decided it would be better for me to work full time, which actually helped motivate me further towards this busier, timeless lifestyle so YES. I will dedicate an hour a week to write about something, ANYTHING. I am determined internet friends.
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