Saturday, 12 July 2014

Favourite Summer Scent

Hello there! I thought that this week it would be fun to share with you all my favourite summer scent. I would say that the perfume pictured above was my favourite summer scent for 2014, but since purchasing it back in early 2013, I have listed this as my favourite perfume ever since.

Eau des Jardins by CLARINS is exactly what I would use to define a 'summer fragrance'. This perfume possesses strong notes of citrus alongside a smidge of roses and as the coloured bottle implies, it sprays a beautiful burst of orange into the room each time you press that magical button - so uplifting and comforting at the start of each day, and unbelievably refreshing towards the end when you need a little pick me up. I find that not only does this perfume last several hours but it can last for days on clothing garments. So many a time people have asked to borrow my scarf or jacket only to ask me what I'm wearing because it just "smells so good". I don't feel like enough people know about this perfume or have even given it a sniff whilst visiting their local Boots, Debenhams or anywhere that sells CLARINS really and I wholeheartedly recommend that you go and check this one out because I am seriously in love with it's scent. This little gem also contains a variety of essential oils and plant extracts such as beech and blackcurrant buds, meaning that you can enjoy smooth, nourished skin on top of smelling like a walking summer (errrrm... Yes please!).

If you like fruity scents - definitely check this out. If you love orange/mandarin scents - ditto. If you are turned off by sweet and fruity scents - give it a try. I personally find that this fruity fragrance is far more fresh than it is sweet, and has much more of a mature, woody undertone than other fruity perfumes that I have previously tried. 

As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I absolutely adore this fragrance from CLARINS, and by looking at the volume left, I think I'm sadly going to run out of this little beauty within the next month or two. I can wholeheartedly say however that I, without a doubt, will definitely be repurchasing this product because in my eyes, it is just too divine not to smell each summer day!

What's your favourite summer scent?
Hannah x



  1. Hi Hannah, I am one of those people you mention that haven't tried this, because I didn't even know Clairns did fragrances! I will give it a sniff next time I am in Boots. :)

    1. aha I only found out when I was standing at the checkout buying something else... safe to say I must have looked very confused because she immediately jumped into telling me about all its beneficial aspects! - hope you love it as much as I do Amy! x

  2. This sounds so lovely, I love mandarin scents :D

    Style Sunrise ☀



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