Monday, 7 July 2014

New York Part 3: Chelsea Market

Taking up a whole block, Chelsea Market is hard to miss. After having spent all morning exploring The High Line in minus degree temperatures, the temptation of an indoor food hall filled with warmth, flavoursome smells and little boutique shops was just too much to resist. Chelsea Market hosts such a wide variety of foods and beverages - so much so that my friends and I spent half an hour walking up and down trying to choose somewhere to eat - everything just looked so yummy! In the end we opted for a simple sandwich and soup shop and can I just say, that picture up there? Yep! One of the best. sandwiches. EVER. I would definitely recommend visiting Chelsea Market if you're traveling to New York and looking for places to eat and well, come on. Look at those gorgeous urban-rustic interiors. Who wouldn't want to eat in a place like that? I only say this because it wasn't on my initial list of places to visit during my stay, yet I'm so happy that I did because it really did enhance the 'New York-iness' of my trip!

Oh I miss it! Please take me back...
Hannah x



  1. I know I LOVE Chelsea market!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Ahhhh every time I look back at these photos I just want to go back and taste more of that delicious smelling food! :P


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