Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wise Wednesday #3

Coinciding with my first 'Wise Wednesday' quote, I have really enjoyed trying to make tomorrow better than today, and in doing so stepping out of my comfort zone in a few small areas, whether that be visiting places that I would usually avoid, pushing myself to get out the door no matter how anxious I feel and yesterday. Yesterday I went on a little road trip with my friend Amy and made a visit to Highcliffe beach, just off Christchurch, Dorset. I haven't really been to the beach to do 'beach-y things' in years and after having enjoyed myself yesterday so much I honestly have no idea why. Why have I been so paranoid about wearing a revealing swimsuit? What was it that I was so scared of when thinking of swimming into the cold sea? Why haven't I spent more days like that where I could just lay there, listen to the ocean swishing back and forth and simply laugh and relax? Although they might seem like the littlest things I did this week, It has really shown me that caring less about what others think, wasting less energy thinking about all those stresses we endure throughout everyday life and instead taking that time to enjoy the simplest of experiences has put a huge smile on my face and I've already made plans to go back to the beach some point soon! 

The reason why I chose this particular quote this week is because it highlights the question that if we aren't living our life and jumping into new experiences, what exactly are we doing with our time? If we reach out without fear for new beginnings, different explorations and fresh memories - even by making the smallest of changes to our everyday lives, then we know we're definitely on the right track in making tomorrow more enjoyable or at least different than today and yesterday.

This week I explored Brighton and Highcliffe, where to next I wonder...?
Hannah x

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