Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Pink Filled August Favourites 2014

Burt's Bees 'Pink Grapefruit' Facial Cleansing Wipes
These aren't my favourite wipes ever, no. I find them a little dryer than what I usually like for a cleansing wipe, but in saying that I haven't actually been using these Burt's Bees wipes to remove any make up which is what I usually use wipes for. After my morning shower I have been loving using one of these across the face as they really do clean well and have such a fresh, sour scent that really helps to waken up the skin and brighten your mood! It's almost like rubbing a dried grapefruit across the face... strange thought!

Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Butter'
I talked about this body butter in my 'Mission to Smoother Skin post' back at the beginning of summer, and I've been really delving back into the pot throughout this month. I go into more detail about the product in the other post so I won't ramble on but lets just say I have a few more pots of this lined up so if that doesn't show that I love a product, I don't know what will.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in 'Légende'
This one is a big deal for me because pink lipsticks NEVER suit me. Whilst I love this shade, and think it suits me well, I am still a little cautious as to not totally plaster on a pink lip because I'm just not used to it! I love the consistency of this lipstick too and find it extremely easy to apply. A quick swipe across the lips and you're left with a beautiful, warm toned pink with very very subtle notes of shimmer (which become more visible when you lightly dab on the product) which lasts for at least a few hours before a touch up is needed! Finally, I think what I love most about this lipstick is, whilst is isn't a matte lipstick, it does hold many similar characteristics to what you would usually find in a matte consistency, but still maintains its moisture. By this I mean that it isn't at all glossy, that it holds a strong, bold colour when applied heavily on the lip and does not budge - all without drying out the lips which is a huge problem I usually have to deal with when it comes to matte lipsticks, so I definitely think that these little beauties are worth the investment!

Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' 
I really like this hand cream due to its thin consistency. It means that the product just sinks into your hands quick and easy without much fuss so it's perfect for when on the go. I've found my hands to be a little bit sensitive this month and I think that having gone a bit OCD with washing my hands every two seconds may have triggered this, cue hand cream. 'Hand Food' has helped sooth and calm my skin, drawing away any stinging that I was previously suffering. The only down side of this hand cream for me is that it hasn't got rid of the dry skin on the inside of my hands, and so I've had to use another, heavier product in the evenings to help out!

Stretch marks. We all get them and if you haven't yet then they're most likely to come. I'm not at all embarrassed admitting that I have been suffering with stretch marks this month because well, it's a natural thing that happens when you grow, gain or lose weight. It just so happens that on the insides of my thighs I have lost weight which has caused some little white and a few purple stretch marks to appear. I've always been so shocked when my friends have come to me for advice about similar issues and they had never heard of bio-oil so that is why I made a point to mention it in today's post. It really it just great at getting rid of those little wriggly snakes that nobody wants, especially in the summer months when we're wanting to feel comfortable in exposing more of our skin! I simply dab some oil onto my target areas and massage it in and have continued to do so for a few weeks now and they're nearly gone!

I really hope you all had a fantastic month! I know everyone says it but I honesty can not fathom that it'll be September tomorrow!! What on Earthhh?

Until next time,
Hannah x


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #8

Yes, Reading Festival is still on my mind, and let me tell you, the thing I enjoyed the most during the weekend (besides the music of course) was the dancing. I am definitely not one for dancing, I really wish I could dance, but it is something that just really doesn't come naturally to me! Typically though, the part of the festival that I was most attracted to during the weekend was the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage, and I loved it. As soon as the beat dropped everyone went wild - and I mean wild. Every single person in and around the tent was dancing like a mad man and it was just brilliant. Exhilarating in fact. You could see everyone was having so much fun and it made me think, why don't people go crazy like this more often? I imagined someone looking in from the outside, unable to hear the music, only able to observe our disjointed, unattractively funny moves and I laughed at the thought because we seriously would have looked insane (either that, or looking as though we were all experiencing a huge seizure). 

I found H.P. Lovecraft's quote to be quite an interesting one because I've always seen it to be true. I would never dance 'out' unless I was at least a little bit tipsy because, not only am I painfully aware that I really cannot dance, it can also be hard to let yourself go and really enjoy it otherwise. I would feel insane if I just broke out into a dance, but then, perhaps, that's the joy of dancing. It's doing something different than the robotic movements our body becomes accustomed to during the daily demands of school and work, and sets our bodies free beyond those restrictions, letting them move in a way that we aren't used to committing unless in a club or at a party under some sort of influence (unless you're a dancer, of course). I didn't drink at all throughout the festival and I had a fabulous time. It was just a wonderful experience and now I feel a lot more light hearted about the prospect of dancing in front of other people and I'm really looking forward to my next boogie. 

Perhaps I am insane, but aren't we all to a certain extent? 
Hannah x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ring fruit, picked straight from the tree.

Well, not quite. But how cool would that be?! Anyway, I've been sorting through my room lately, moving things about, changing up my decor and this little beauty has to be one of my favourite things. Placed on top of my IKEA Alex drawers, this silver tree that shines brighter than my phone screen always reminds me to pop on a ring before I walk out the door! Whilst I love rings, I always forget to wear them so this is just perfect for me and I'm sure I'm not alone! I can't really wear 'highstreet' rings because I always seem to react to them and who wants green fingers? So I find that this is the perfect way to showcase those rings that deserve to be shown off. I'm not too sure how you can get your hands on this, as my mum bought it for me from a little craft village near where we live, but I've seen many similar concepts floating about in individual gift shops and garden centres! 

How do you store/showcase your rings?
Hannah x


10 Facts About Me & Liebster Award #2

1. The fact that I look like I'm not wearing a top in the picture above really bothers me. Long hair don't care for thin straps!

2. I love cats. Cats are life. 

3. I have just come back from my sixth weekend at Reading Festival and am sooo looking forward to the seventh next year!

4. I'm about to go into my third year of university and I'm shitting myself about it but still really looking forward to making the most out of the year ahead.

5. My favourite late night snack is a bowl of crunchy nut... cereal is so much yummier at night!

6. Autumn is my favourite season. You get to snuggle up, drink lots of hot chocolate, wear comfy jumpers and enjoy the pretty red and orange leaves falling around you! What's not to love?

7. I'm obsessed with trees. I literally think that they are the prettiest thing, and I love them (This is probably why I love Autumn so much).

8. I've very naughtily 'left' some Christmas decorations out in my room after sorting through my wardrobes. It has to be my favourite time of year by FAR and apparently I can't wait. 

9. I used to competitively swim, board dive, throw javelin and be on all the sports teams at school. Ask me to run though, and I'll be on the floor dying before you've even finished telling me to.

10. I'm currently reading 'Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens'.

I thought I'd that I'd also throw some questions people have regularly asked me in disguise of these 'Liebster Award' nomination. In my eyes it isn't really an award, but rather a 'I wanna get to know that person better so I'm going to ask them some questions' tag which I thought tied in quite well with the rest of this post so here goes!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I've loved reading other bloggers work for years now and just got sick of wasting my spare time aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or something else equally as tedious so that's why I started! and I'm so pleased that I did because its further developed my time management, creativity and most importantly my confidence!

2. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Definitely a cat person. I love how cats can just look after themselves and aren't 100% reliant on you. I'm someone that needs my own time and the thought of a dog jumping up at me or barking just sounds a bit too much. Although, in saying that I absolutely love dogs - I just wouldn't want one myself right now! Eventually I hope to have either a Cocker Spaniel, Greyhound/Whippet/Italian Greyhound or a Sausage Dog because CUTE.

3. What is your favourite food and can you make it yourself?
I honestly don't know what my favourite food is, but I can make some mean fajitas and whip up an epic spaghetti bolognese which are definitely at the top of the list.

4. Where did you grow up?

5. Where is your favourite place to shop?
Anywhere that has a big Debenhams.

6. What is your go-to all round beauty brand?
Probably Rimmel. I don't wear a fully Rimmel face, but if I had to choose one brand this would be my first choice for sure. Brilliant foundations, concealers, powders, eye liners and I did used to really love their sun kissed bronzers! I've still yet to explore more of their range, but I've heard many good things about their blushers and lip products so yes. Long answer short, Rimmel.

7. You can take 5 beauty products with you on your desert island getaway. What are they?
Well, I don't tend to wear make-up when I'm abroad, particularly when its hot so skincare wise I'd take my Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer SPF 47; Nivea SPF 30 sun screen; Elizabeth Arden 8-hour-cream SPF 20; The Bodyshop's African Hand Butter and....hmm. Urban Decay's eye shadow in 'Buck' to fill in my eyebrows aha

8. What song makes you want to dance like nobody's watching?
Anything with a beat. 

9. What are your current life goals?
Finish my dissertation, graduate with a 2:1 and get some of my work published!

10. Are you in love?
Yes. With my cat. #catlover

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I invite anyone reading this to join in and tell me some facts about you!
Hannah x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #7

So my holidays are almost up, yet, instead of enjoying the last stretch of free time that I have, I've been non stop stressed about all the things that lay ahead. My dissertation. Coursework deadlines. Those extortionate reading lists. Hospital appointments. Doctor appointments and more and aiwuhgauwghuwh I should be relaxed right now but I'm anything but! I think what's been panicking me this week is that I had the question running through my head that, if I'm this stressed now, with nothing directly demanding my time, what am I going to be like when I'm in the middle of it all? This always happens before an academic year starts up again though, particularly now so that this is my final hurdle and I just want to get it right - so I think I'm safe in saying that its normal to be feeling like this? I went to the dentist earlier today and everything was perfect and I'm over half way through my treatment therapy with my audiologist and that's going great, so I feel a lot more relaxed now that I don't have those to worry about (I hate the dentist); and with Reading Festival coming up this weekend I really want to make an effort to just relax, enjoy myself and breathe; in order to make the most of the rest of my summer and also to ensure that I'm in a more positive frame of mind come next month when term restarts. 

I obviously chose Watterson's quote this week because it is 100% relevant to exactly how I've been feeling, thinking and doing the past week and it is only when my friends pointed out that I have over a month before university restarts that I realised how silly I was being by putting myself through so much stress and anxiety so early in advance. Although, I still don't think that there is anything wrong with being prepared! Because I can't just switch off my anxiety, I've decided to set aside a few readings to run through and analyse each week leading up to next month - just to get back into the gist of things! I'm hoping that setting out such a plan will allow me to calm down and enjoy the rest of my summer!

Are you nervous about the start of school/college/university coming up?
Well, hopefully I'm not the only one otherwise I might have come across a little crazy in this one!!! :P
Hannah x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Top 6 Summer Bags

No... listing 'six' bags isn't exactly a round number, but I'm too much of a weakling to narrow down my favourites when it comes to bags so, here's six that I have been loving this summer. These top 6 'summer bags' are the ones that I have reached for each day, that just go with everything and in all honesty, I'm not one to use bags exclusively within a season so I most likely will continue to reach for most of these into the Autumn months! I suppose you could treat this post as a sort of 'peak' into my wardrobe?

Coach Signature Poppy New Willis 70th Anniversary Ltd Edition Bag 

I really don't have that many beige toned bags so I always love to whip this little wonder out of its dust bag and proudly wear it on my shoulder because I think it just helps brighten up any outfit - even if I decide on an all black attire - this little gem has been my go to for injecting a bit of summer into my look. Plus, the interiors are simply divine and super colourful so I always find it so fun to use!

Oasis Tan Leather Satchel

I love this little bag, and after having picked it up in the Oasis sale last year - it has been my all-year-round go to on rainy days and particularly now that we are heading into autumn, I think I will get a LOT more use out of this baby. It's basically a spin off the traditional satchel bag, being smaller in size along with feminine scalloped edge detail - which I think is simply lovely and quite unusual to other satchel type bag designs I have seen.

Red Herring Bright Coral Bag

I really don't wear this bag enough considering the number of compliments I get whenever I wear it! Just looooook how pretttyyyyy. I don't think there is another item in my wardrobe that is this brightly coloured or even pink so I never anticipated that this would ever be a favourite bag of choice, especially considering in the past I'd usually run away from anything brighter than blue. I really do think that Debenhams have a beautiful selection of bags and I feel this is completely in a different league with other high street branded bags and definitely competes with some of my designer bags. Beaut.

Tan Leather Backpack

I only have four back packs - a black one from Topshop which I rely on come uni, an adidas cube for hitting the gym, an unattractively practical work bag and this gorgeous, real tan leather bag which I picked up when travelling through Southern Spain a few years back. I have to admit, this was neglected at first because the smell of uncured leather can sometimes prove to be a little unbearable, but since it has obviously aired quite a bit since purchase I have reached for this each day where I need to carry a little more than the usual amount on me! I especially love this one for when I'm wondering around London due to its secure buckles and hidden drawstring underneath so there's no worries of being mugged! Plus, it goes with EVERYTHING, and as you can see, the tone of tan is a little more orange and deeper than the usual find which gives it its own individual twist.

Coach Blue Beach Bag

I don't know the official name for this one so I'm sorry about that, but its the closest thing I have to a beach bag, so I've basically just called it a beach bag aha. Once again, this is a little out of my comfort zone as its a lot brighter than many other bags I own. Nonetheless, I always see summer as a time to wear more outgoing things and take the opportunity to pop more colour into your everyday wear which is where this bag comes in. I've been to the beach quite a few times this summer and so have gotten some good use out of this bag, but I have also enjoyed using it when casually shopping as its the perfect size and material as to not be too heavy and large, but enough to hold what I need! I don't tend to opt for bags which blatantly show the designer, although I get the impression (amongst my friends at least) that Coach isn't as popular or recognisable here in the UK in comparison to the states so despite this being quite 'in your face' branding wise, I feel like I can get away with it without being like wooaaah look at my bag if you get what I mean?

Tu Drawstring Beach Bag

I am honestly SO impressed with Sainsbury's Tu clothing range right now, and I've found myself taking trips to the clothing isle scouring through their goodies throughout summer only to be met with some real lovely pieces whether that be bags, scarves or simply socks. I've never owned a drawstring bag before, and I love how beach-themed this bag is yet it can be subtly manipulated to work with almost any casual outfit. It also fits a HELL of a lot in, so it acts a bit like my own Mary Poppins bag which is always handy!

So there you go! My top six favourite bags that I have loved using during summer months. I  do realise that this post may not be everyone's cup of tea but I personally obsess over handbags and its a rarity to find a bag orientated post around here so I hope at least some of you liked it! 
Hannah x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Keep Calm and Carry-On-Essentials

I've never been one to fuss over make up and what not when on holiday or abroad, simply because I can never seem bothered to! Why would I want to waste half an hour of the morning putting on a face of make up when I can be sat eating breakfast in that famous diner everyone goes on about? The same goes for planes. I'm always in such an anxious mood in the airport when departing, and when getting the return flight home I'm usually just so tired that everyone that's going the tiniest bit slow around me gets on my nerves, drives me crazy and all in all I honestly couldn't care less what I look like when I fly! I'm not an air hostess, so why do I need to make an effort? In saying that, there are some products that over time I've become accustomed to taking with me and almost relying on whether that to maintain the hydration of my skin during flight or just to help perk me up a little after a long journey. Of course I always carry the essentials like deodorant and face wipes, however the following products are those that are my beauty 'you can keep calm if you carry these on' essentials!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex
I find this moisturiser very soothing on the skin and it is easy to layer up - so if you need a little more help in certain areas of your face (for me its the cheeks) you can lather that baby on and not look at all greasy which is always a bonus. (I will definitely be reviewing this product in its own post sometime soon because its done wonders for my skin in so many ways!)

bareMinerals READY Instantly Elated All-Over Face Colour
I was first introduced to the concept of a 'brightening powder' years ago and I have to say that they really are lovely items to have on you, particularly in times where you're likely to look tired and/or dull skinned. The bareMinerals powder is so finely milled that you really can't tell that you have any powder on the skin, giving you that effortless, brightened look!

Estee Lauder Modern Muse (Mini perfume)
Because of that huge anxiety I feel in the airport, my energy is soon stripped away from me and I always end up falling asleep on the plane, so I like to carry a little perfume bottle to have a quick spritz before landing just to help awaken my senses and well, smell nice?! Also, I think we've all been in that situation where someone near you decides to let one rip whether that be on a train or plane or another uncomfortably enclosed tin can full of people, so I always like to carry a little perfume bottle to save myself from and prevent those situations from escalating (Although, beware, others - unaware of your preparedness and good will - might give you the evils thinking you're trying to cover your own tracks).

The Bodyshop Vitamin E Eye Cream
My eyes can become very sunken in if they don't get enough moisture so I always see it essential to have an eye cream on me. I particularly love The Bodyshop's 'Vitamin E Eye Cream' because it comes in a cute little travel friendly container, its easy to apply, its brilliant for sensitive eyes and its brilliant at doing what it says! Some people consider this product to be a tad expensive for a little tube, however mine has lasted ages so I think the size of the tube is a little misleading. Anyhoo, The Bodyshop always seems to have a deal on nowadays so how could I resist from stocking up on this little beauty?

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Staple. I actually only got this recently and WOW. I ended up buying three within the week because I just wanted to buy it for everyone, but well, money stopped me at 3 aha. I seriously don't know how I used to cope before this miracle worker and it is one of those products that could appeal to anyone, no matter your age, gender or skin type, once you try it, you'll never look back!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat
I'm just going to throw it out there, I'm not a huge fan of the Touche Éclat, but I think that's because the lady at the counter who served me didn't give me the right shade. Salmon toned concealers have NEVER suited my skin tone, they just look like a pink cream sat on top of my skin and I thus made sure that the shade she tried on me wasn't. It wasn't, it covered my under eyes beautifully, however the lightest shade was a taaad to light, so what did she do? go and give me the next shade down, a salmon toned shade, after I had made it clear that I don't. like. salmon. toned. concealers! Anyway rant aside, I've managed to make this work for me out of frustration of not wanting to waste £25 on something I wouldn't ever use and the only way I can get it to work is when I'm not wearing any other base product. I love to use it on my dark circles when I'm not wearing any other concealer or foundation as I find that its easy to blend into the skin, and whilst it doesn't 100% cover my circles, it really does brighten under the eye area and holds a very natural looking finish. Whilst it doesn't totally cover my circles, the only question that comes to mind is: why would I want a random perfectly even toned triangle under my eyes from another more 'full on' concealer when the rest of my face is bare? Hence, Touche Éclat.

The Bodyshop Twin Ball Massager
You might laugh at me for this one, but seriously, this thing is so handy if you're like me and suffer from poor circulation and back knots from sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time. I think this is brilliant and it so easy to use - last time I took it with me it was a hit on the plane and all my friends wanted to give it a go!

What are some of your 'Carry On Essentials'?
Hannah x


Friday, 15 August 2014

Birthday Jewels

I don't really feel as though I should have to write this little disclaimer, because personally I love seeing what other people have received for their birthdays, however I do understand that not everyone might like this type of post and so I just wanted to confirm with you that by no means is my intention of writing this to 'brag'. I simply wanted to share with you what I received because well, hopefully I'm not the only nosy one around here!

So as you can see, I was a VERY lucky girl this year and I had absolutely no expectations for such a beautiful, glistening surprise, let alone three! I can't wear jewellery from high street brands such as Topshop and Zara (as much as I'd like to!) because my skin just reacts terribly to the metals used and who wants a green neck? Not me! In saying that, I am definitely not the type of person to treat myself to such elegant pieces from a jewellers so it seems to have become tradition to receive them as birthday treats!

A lot of the jewellery I wear each day is gold, and whilst I love gold and how much it suits my skin tone, I have been wanting to try out more silver pieces as I just think that they're a taaaad more feminine, and clearly someone was listening to me because both my parents bought me this beautiful bracelet (the picture really doesn't do it justice) and my nan the gorgeous necklace that follows and I am in love. They go together perfectly and really do give me that feminine feel that I felt I was missing!

Lastly, my parents also purchased me a rose gold 'I love you' heart pendant necklace and this is simply stunning. I've never owned a piece of rose gold jewellery before, I could never quite find a piece that suited my skin tone. Although in saying this, I did concentrate mainly on my wrist and hand area, rather than my chest. Where rose gold made my poor circulated hands look strange, it really suits me when worn around the neck, complimenting my blue eyes and light brown hair perfectly and I am just so looking forward to wearing this particularly during the autumn/winter months!

My mum also treated me to some beautiful cushions which I've pictured here, alongside a bundle of books from both my parents that I've gladly delved into and might perhaps write some reviews of on here if that is of interest to some of you?

I think it goes without saying that I am so so sosososo grateful for everything that I received and it really was just a special birthday. I will treasure these pieces forever.
Hannah x


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #6

So as the clouds begin to mask over our final memories of summer, and the cold starts to descend upon us, I have really found comfort in resting at home with my family, drinking hot chocolates, watching new and long loved films in my pyjamas - all under the fluffy throw, to be pure bliss. Recently I've been so back and to, here and there and I really have been struggling to find time to sit down and feel nice and cosy during these colder afternoons. The past week I have been getting up quite early in the mornings due to meetings and appointments which, whilst I usually quite enjoy waking up early, has worn on me just a little after all the tossing and turning that accompanies those early awakenings the night before. I've really enjoyed spending the past couple of days staying in during the afternoon and catching up on my favourite bloggers' posts, reading Peter Pan and snuggling up in the warmth watching films such as 'Derailed' and, of course, like always when I'm feeling a little ill and run down - Harry Potter and Mary Poppins. The colder weather is definitely getting me into the autumnal spirit and I am so looking forward to that comforting feeling we all get whilst being snuggled up at home during the chilly months that lay ahead!

Are you looking forward to autumn?
Or are you wishing that summer will hang on just that little bit longer?
Hannah x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bright & Colourful Cushion Haul

Knowing that I absolutely love homeware (particularly cushions) and Ashley Thomas' range at Debenhams, my mum treated me to these for my birthday and I honestly couldn't be happier when looking at my bed. I haven't purchased any cushions in practically years because I was pretty content with how my past arrangement looked... although, as I've gotten older I've sort of moved away from the darker purples and blacks and more towards... well as you can see above - anything bright! They have just completely brightened up my room and such a colourful display is so refreshing to face each morning; plus they go perfectly with my beloved Matthew Williamson bed covers!  The three 'rectangular' cushions are by designer Ashley Thomas, whereas the 'Cream Embroidered Satin Peacock Cushion' is from the Debenhams 'At Home' range and I think they go wonderfully together. THEY'RE SO PRETTY I'M GONNA DIE (Yes... that was a very poor Despicable Me reference :P). I wanted to feature these cushions because the quality is just far superior to other ranges that I have seen and I really do think that I am going to love these as much as I do now for many years to come! I think my mums starting to get annoyed with the continuous thank you's I keep blurting out every time I see them though!

 I hope you love them as much as I do! Or maybe I'm just the only crazy cushion obsessed gal around here.. :P
What changes have you made to help brighten up your room?
Hannah x


Monday, 11 August 2014


I love Brighton. Every time I visit I'm always reminded that I've forgotten just how much I do love it, along with its bright colours, bunting, interesting shops, cafés and people. The salty sea air always relaxes me, no matter if its raining or scorching you will always see me enjoying a good ol' proper fish & chips on the pier, contemplating what fun those 2p machines in the arcade will be. It is very easy to get lost though, but then again I think that pushes me to explore more, especially in the North Laines and The Lanes which are located a bit further South towards the beach. On my last visit I spent a lonnnnnng time in Snoopers Paradise, and it really is a paradise for snoopy people like me! (for looking through home wear that is...) I so wished I lived locally so that I could buy all the gorgeous furniture in there.. oh well, I settled for some vintage polaroids instead. On my way back down to the beach I stopped off at MAC and I have to say I was surprisingly disappointed with the range that they had on display. None of the colours spoke to me whatsoever and whilst that isn't their fault, it was a bit of a let down because I was looking forward to buying some goodies. Anyways, no regrets because we ended up back down at the beach, sitting in the shade, drinking slush puppies and getting brain freeze - weeee!

As you can probably tell I didn't take these on my DSLR but nonetheless I really like these and have to admit I did enjoy taking in my surroundings more without looking through a view finder every 10 minutes! Sometimes its the little things that can make all the difference.

Oh I wish the weather was still as nice as it was that day! I have to say though, I am enjoying snuggling up under a duvet, drinking hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and wearing fluffy socks everywhere I go!
Mmmm Autumn is a-coming!
Hannah x


Friday, 8 August 2014

Lush Haul

Yay! Since I bought my first bath bomb, I've seriously fallen in love with Lush and the thrill that their brightly coloured products and alluring smells brings, even on the dullest of days. So I thought I would show you what I purchased during my latest shop!

Therapy Massage Bar - I'm a little sceptical about this one. I absolutely love a massage because it is all too often that I find my muscles have knotted up again, but I'm used to either a sports massage, deep tissue massage or acupuncture by a physiotherapist rather than a buttery bar. Although, what really attracted me into buying this is that it a 100% organic product, packed with a mix of cocoa and shea butters which I find are just SO lovely on the skin. This little bar also contains three almighty essential oils: Lavender, to relax the mind, Neroli to boost serotonin levels and wild orange to well, brighten things up a little - so even if it doesn't help out with those knotted muscles, I think I will still love the luxurious, relaxing feel that I know this will give (ps. It isn't supposed to have purple dots... I think mines ill).

Avobath Bath Bomb - This has to be, dare I say it? my favourite product from Lush. I've written a full review of it here, and still it is my go to product when I'm feeling ill, if my knee or back is flaring up, or whether I'm simply tired and in need of a refreshing bath. Lush, you better not ever discontinue this baby or I might actually cry!!

Comforter Bubble Bar - Oooooooeeeeee this smells SO good I could just sniff it all day! Probably not the best of ideas... but if this was a candle scent, i'm telling you now I would have that bad boy constantly lit. Whilst this smells amazing (sort of like a sweet Ribena scent), I wasn't all that impressed at the bubble turn out during my first use, but that's fair enough I guess seeing as I used the smallest chunk of it so I'm not placing any judgements yet - I just hope its just as pleasing, if not better than the Brightside Bubble Bar.

Ceridwens Cauldron Bath Melt - I've noticed that my skin has become a little sensitive recently, particularly on my chest and arms so I figured an oily oat-milk bath sounds heavenly. On the Lush website it states that you can also use the little pouch as a wash cloth to really rub that moisture into your skin which I think is quite handy in helping to reach those areas that might not be totally submerged in the bath water such as the neck and chest for example. Apparently this is supposed to smell like roses, sandalwood and frankincense, however mine doesn't really smell much at all, perhaps its a naff one? I don't really know, but I'm not really one to judge a skincare product by its smell! 

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - No, this bath bomb isn't invisible! I just was too scared to take it out of its little bag due to its crumbly nature but can I just say - it smells divine. Similarly to Avobath, Dragon's Egg possesses a very uplifting, zingy lemon scent and having looked at demonstrations of the product in use on Youtube, it looks like this one will be a lot of fun, spurting out a variety of colours, leaving your bath with a pool full of confetti! Umm.. yes please?!

Anyway that's it for me! I was so tempted to buy more but I've noticed that I've started to build up a little bit of a collection so I'm going to try and get through what I have first before purchasing any more items (damn you Lush for being so addictive!). Although, I might be a bit cheeky and purchase their medium sized 'New Charity Pot' because by gum that stuff is magic in a tub I tell you!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #5

BOOM. Hear hear to actually sitting down, sorting things out and getting things done! Sometimes, when we're faced with so much to do alongside all that we want to do with limited time to do it all in it is very easy to become overwhelmed and a little bit lost at where to start. I decided today to stop faffing around, stop panicking and to write some lists, queueing everything I have to get done in the order that I can realistically complete them and it has helped refresh my mind SO much. Everything is in pretty lists, all divided into sub topic areas, by day, week and month and boy does that feel good! Sometimes the best way to start looking through that haystack of everything-ness, we need to just sit, sort out our thoughts and physically write everything down so that we can finally organise and discover what's needed to find that needle!



Tuesday, 5 August 2014

10 Things I Do Everyday

1. Drink a glass of innocent smoothie (usually strawberry and banana).

2. Plan a To-Do-List and make sure I complete it by the end of the day.

3. Watch an episode of Criminal Minds (I'm currently on series 5, episode 9 - VERY EMOSH).

4. Write, write and keep writing.

5. Make a mess, tidy it all up, only to make a mess the following day and you guessed it, all to tidy it up again... why do I do it to myself? haha

6. Laugh. If there is even the smallest of things that can make me laugh in a day, that day can always be classed as a good day!

7. Explore Bloglovin'. Have a link? Leave it in the comments!

8. Tell my parents that I love them. I don't feel that enough people do this.

9. 'Go to bed' which, in other words, means: 'watch hours of YouTube videos on my iPad whilst lying in bed'

10. Run through my foam roller exercises.

These were just 10 random things that came to mind when thinking of what I do each day. What are some of your everyday habits?
Hannah x

Monday, 4 August 2014

Cirque De Fleurs

So I've been a little naughty in not having uploaded any photos from my day out at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this year, but there are just so many! Everything just looked so beautiful that the thought of going through, editing, tagging and posting was all a bit too much so I thought it would be more of a realistic goal as to split up the pictures, with this first entry showing you some of my favourite snippets of the show's Rose Marquee!

As you can see, The Rose Marquee accommodated a beautiful, exciting circus themed display, cradling new cultivars and a range of rose hybrids amongst rows and rows of bunting. I really enjoyed this part of the show, not only because it proved to be great shelter from the thundering rain outside, but I just found exploring the different dimensions, bright colours and cleverly sculpted displays so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am aware that my blog has been a lot more wordy recently which I know isn't up everyone's street and I like to maintain a balance so here is an introduction to the burst of colour that is yet to come!  
Hannah x
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