Tuesday, 5 August 2014

10 Things I Do Everyday

1. Drink a glass of innocent smoothie (usually strawberry and banana).

2. Plan a To-Do-List and make sure I complete it by the end of the day.

3. Watch an episode of Criminal Minds (I'm currently on series 5, episode 9 - VERY EMOSH).

4. Write, write and keep writing.

5. Make a mess, tidy it all up, only to make a mess the following day and you guessed it, all to tidy it up again... why do I do it to myself? haha

6. Laugh. If there is even the smallest of things that can make me laugh in a day, that day can always be classed as a good day!

7. Explore Bloglovin'. Have a link? Leave it in the comments!

8. Tell my parents that I love them. I don't feel that enough people do this.

9. 'Go to bed' which, in other words, means: 'watch hours of YouTube videos on my iPad whilst lying in bed'

10. Run through my foam roller exercises.

These were just 10 random things that came to mind when thinking of what I do each day. What are some of your everyday habits?
Hannah x


  1. I'm always "going to bed early" and then staying up until stupid o-clock! haha

    ~ K

  2. What a lovely post. Might have to do one of these myself. I do the whole tidy, messy thing all the time haha and I'm always laughing too, so important to smile ;) x


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