Friday, 15 August 2014

Birthday Jewels

I don't really feel as though I should have to write this little disclaimer, because personally I love seeing what other people have received for their birthdays, however I do understand that not everyone might like this type of post and so I just wanted to confirm with you that by no means is my intention of writing this to 'brag'. I simply wanted to share with you what I received because well, hopefully I'm not the only nosy one around here!

So as you can see, I was a VERY lucky girl this year and I had absolutely no expectations for such a beautiful, glistening surprise, let alone three! I can't wear jewellery from high street brands such as Topshop and Zara (as much as I'd like to!) because my skin just reacts terribly to the metals used and who wants a green neck? Not me! In saying that, I am definitely not the type of person to treat myself to such elegant pieces from a jewellers so it seems to have become tradition to receive them as birthday treats!

A lot of the jewellery I wear each day is gold, and whilst I love gold and how much it suits my skin tone, I have been wanting to try out more silver pieces as I just think that they're a taaaad more feminine, and clearly someone was listening to me because both my parents bought me this beautiful bracelet (the picture really doesn't do it justice) and my nan the gorgeous necklace that follows and I am in love. They go together perfectly and really do give me that feminine feel that I felt I was missing!

Lastly, my parents also purchased me a rose gold 'I love you' heart pendant necklace and this is simply stunning. I've never owned a piece of rose gold jewellery before, I could never quite find a piece that suited my skin tone. Although in saying this, I did concentrate mainly on my wrist and hand area, rather than my chest. Where rose gold made my poor circulated hands look strange, it really suits me when worn around the neck, complimenting my blue eyes and light brown hair perfectly and I am just so looking forward to wearing this particularly during the autumn/winter months!

My mum also treated me to some beautiful cushions which I've pictured here, alongside a bundle of books from both my parents that I've gladly delved into and might perhaps write some reviews of on here if that is of interest to some of you?

I think it goes without saying that I am so so sosososo grateful for everything that I received and it really was just a special birthday. I will treasure these pieces forever.
Hannah x


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  1. Absolutely stunning pieces! I dislike high street jewellery too, there are so many fab items online :)
    Really glad you had a lovely day!

    Style Sunrise ☀



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