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Keep Calm and Carry-On-Essentials

I've never been one to fuss over make up and what not when on holiday or abroad, simply because I can never seem bothered to! Why would I want to waste half an hour of the morning putting on a face of make up when I can be sat eating breakfast in that famous diner everyone goes on about? The same goes for planes. I'm always in such an anxious mood in the airport when departing, and when getting the return flight home I'm usually just so tired that everyone that's going the tiniest bit slow around me gets on my nerves, drives me crazy and all in all I honestly couldn't care less what I look like when I fly! I'm not an air hostess, so why do I need to make an effort? In saying that, there are some products that over time I've become accustomed to taking with me and almost relying on whether that to maintain the hydration of my skin during flight or just to help perk me up a little after a long journey. Of course I always carry the essentials like deodorant and face wipes, however the following products are those that are my beauty 'you can keep calm if you carry these on' essentials!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex
I find this moisturiser very soothing on the skin and it is easy to layer up - so if you need a little more help in certain areas of your face (for me its the cheeks) you can lather that baby on and not look at all greasy which is always a bonus. (I will definitely be reviewing this product in its own post sometime soon because its done wonders for my skin in so many ways!)

bareMinerals READY Instantly Elated All-Over Face Colour
I was first introduced to the concept of a 'brightening powder' years ago and I have to say that they really are lovely items to have on you, particularly in times where you're likely to look tired and/or dull skinned. The bareMinerals powder is so finely milled that you really can't tell that you have any powder on the skin, giving you that effortless, brightened look!

Estee Lauder Modern Muse (Mini perfume)
Because of that huge anxiety I feel in the airport, my energy is soon stripped away from me and I always end up falling asleep on the plane, so I like to carry a little perfume bottle to have a quick spritz before landing just to help awaken my senses and well, smell nice?! Also, I think we've all been in that situation where someone near you decides to let one rip whether that be on a train or plane or another uncomfortably enclosed tin can full of people, so I always like to carry a little perfume bottle to save myself from and prevent those situations from escalating (Although, beware, others - unaware of your preparedness and good will - might give you the evils thinking you're trying to cover your own tracks).

The Bodyshop Vitamin E Eye Cream
My eyes can become very sunken in if they don't get enough moisture so I always see it essential to have an eye cream on me. I particularly love The Bodyshop's 'Vitamin E Eye Cream' because it comes in a cute little travel friendly container, its easy to apply, its brilliant for sensitive eyes and its brilliant at doing what it says! Some people consider this product to be a tad expensive for a little tube, however mine has lasted ages so I think the size of the tube is a little misleading. Anyhoo, The Bodyshop always seems to have a deal on nowadays so how could I resist from stocking up on this little beauty?

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Staple. I actually only got this recently and WOW. I ended up buying three within the week because I just wanted to buy it for everyone, but well, money stopped me at 3 aha. I seriously don't know how I used to cope before this miracle worker and it is one of those products that could appeal to anyone, no matter your age, gender or skin type, once you try it, you'll never look back!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat
I'm just going to throw it out there, I'm not a huge fan of the Touche Éclat, but I think that's because the lady at the counter who served me didn't give me the right shade. Salmon toned concealers have NEVER suited my skin tone, they just look like a pink cream sat on top of my skin and I thus made sure that the shade she tried on me wasn't. It wasn't, it covered my under eyes beautifully, however the lightest shade was a taaad to light, so what did she do? go and give me the next shade down, a salmon toned shade, after I had made it clear that I don't. like. salmon. toned. concealers! Anyway rant aside, I've managed to make this work for me out of frustration of not wanting to waste £25 on something I wouldn't ever use and the only way I can get it to work is when I'm not wearing any other base product. I love to use it on my dark circles when I'm not wearing any other concealer or foundation as I find that its easy to blend into the skin, and whilst it doesn't 100% cover my circles, it really does brighten under the eye area and holds a very natural looking finish. Whilst it doesn't totally cover my circles, the only question that comes to mind is: why would I want a random perfectly even toned triangle under my eyes from another more 'full on' concealer when the rest of my face is bare? Hence, Touche Éclat.

The Bodyshop Twin Ball Massager
You might laugh at me for this one, but seriously, this thing is so handy if you're like me and suffer from poor circulation and back knots from sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time. I think this is brilliant and it so easy to use - last time I took it with me it was a hit on the plane and all my friends wanted to give it a go!

What are some of your 'Carry On Essentials'?
Hannah x


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  1. Totally with you on the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream- AMAZING!

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