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My Top 6 Summer Bags

No... listing 'six' bags isn't exactly a round number, but I'm too much of a weakling to narrow down my favourites when it comes to bags so, here's six that I have been loving this summer. These top 6 'summer bags' are the ones that I have reached for each day, that just go with everything and in all honesty, I'm not one to use bags exclusively within a season so I most likely will continue to reach for most of these into the Autumn months! I suppose you could treat this post as a sort of 'peak' into my wardrobe?

Coach Signature Poppy New Willis 70th Anniversary Ltd Edition Bag 

I really don't have that many beige toned bags so I always love to whip this little wonder out of its dust bag and proudly wear it on my shoulder because I think it just helps brighten up any outfit - even if I decide on an all black attire - this little gem has been my go to for injecting a bit of summer into my look. Plus, the interiors are simply divine and super colourful so I always find it so fun to use!

Oasis Tan Leather Satchel

I love this little bag, and after having picked it up in the Oasis sale last year - it has been my all-year-round go to on rainy days and particularly now that we are heading into autumn, I think I will get a LOT more use out of this baby. It's basically a spin off the traditional satchel bag, being smaller in size along with feminine scalloped edge detail - which I think is simply lovely and quite unusual to other satchel type bag designs I have seen.

Red Herring Bright Coral Bag

I really don't wear this bag enough considering the number of compliments I get whenever I wear it! Just looooook how pretttyyyyy. I don't think there is another item in my wardrobe that is this brightly coloured or even pink so I never anticipated that this would ever be a favourite bag of choice, especially considering in the past I'd usually run away from anything brighter than blue. I really do think that Debenhams have a beautiful selection of bags and I feel this is completely in a different league with other high street branded bags and definitely competes with some of my designer bags. Beaut.

Tan Leather Backpack

I only have four back packs - a black one from Topshop which I rely on come uni, an adidas cube for hitting the gym, an unattractively practical work bag and this gorgeous, real tan leather bag which I picked up when travelling through Southern Spain a few years back. I have to admit, this was neglected at first because the smell of uncured leather can sometimes prove to be a little unbearable, but since it has obviously aired quite a bit since purchase I have reached for this each day where I need to carry a little more than the usual amount on me! I especially love this one for when I'm wondering around London due to its secure buckles and hidden drawstring underneath so there's no worries of being mugged! Plus, it goes with EVERYTHING, and as you can see, the tone of tan is a little more orange and deeper than the usual find which gives it its own individual twist.

Coach Blue Beach Bag

I don't know the official name for this one so I'm sorry about that, but its the closest thing I have to a beach bag, so I've basically just called it a beach bag aha. Once again, this is a little out of my comfort zone as its a lot brighter than many other bags I own. Nonetheless, I always see summer as a time to wear more outgoing things and take the opportunity to pop more colour into your everyday wear which is where this bag comes in. I've been to the beach quite a few times this summer and so have gotten some good use out of this bag, but I have also enjoyed using it when casually shopping as its the perfect size and material as to not be too heavy and large, but enough to hold what I need! I don't tend to opt for bags which blatantly show the designer, although I get the impression (amongst my friends at least) that Coach isn't as popular or recognisable here in the UK in comparison to the states so despite this being quite 'in your face' branding wise, I feel like I can get away with it without being like wooaaah look at my bag if you get what I mean?

Tu Drawstring Beach Bag

I am honestly SO impressed with Sainsbury's Tu clothing range right now, and I've found myself taking trips to the clothing isle scouring through their goodies throughout summer only to be met with some real lovely pieces whether that be bags, scarves or simply socks. I've never owned a drawstring bag before, and I love how beach-themed this bag is yet it can be subtly manipulated to work with almost any casual outfit. It also fits a HELL of a lot in, so it acts a bit like my own Mary Poppins bag which is always handy!

So there you go! My top six favourite bags that I have loved using during summer months. I  do realise that this post may not be everyone's cup of tea but I personally obsess over handbags and its a rarity to find a bag orientated post around here so I hope at least some of you liked it! 
Hannah x

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