Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #5

BOOM. Hear hear to actually sitting down, sorting things out and getting things done! Sometimes, when we're faced with so much to do alongside all that we want to do with limited time to do it all in it is very easy to become overwhelmed and a little bit lost at where to start. I decided today to stop faffing around, stop panicking and to write some lists, queueing everything I have to get done in the order that I can realistically complete them and it has helped refresh my mind SO much. Everything is in pretty lists, all divided into sub topic areas, by day, week and month and boy does that feel good! Sometimes the best way to start looking through that haystack of everything-ness, we need to just sit, sort out our thoughts and physically write everything down so that we can finally organise and discover what's needed to find that needle!



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  1. I totally agree with this. When you write things down, it becomes more clear and easier to organise and you can see things more clearly.I'm always making lists. Love these little motivational quotes ;) x


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