Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #6

So as the clouds begin to mask over our final memories of summer, and the cold starts to descend upon us, I have really found comfort in resting at home with my family, drinking hot chocolates, watching new and long loved films in my pyjamas - all under the fluffy throw, to be pure bliss. Recently I've been so back and to, here and there and I really have been struggling to find time to sit down and feel nice and cosy during these colder afternoons. The past week I have been getting up quite early in the mornings due to meetings and appointments which, whilst I usually quite enjoy waking up early, has worn on me just a little after all the tossing and turning that accompanies those early awakenings the night before. I've really enjoyed spending the past couple of days staying in during the afternoon and catching up on my favourite bloggers' posts, reading Peter Pan and snuggling up in the warmth watching films such as 'Derailed' and, of course, like always when I'm feeling a little ill and run down - Harry Potter and Mary Poppins. The colder weather is definitely getting me into the autumnal spirit and I am so looking forward to that comforting feeling we all get whilst being snuggled up at home during the chilly months that lay ahead!

Are you looking forward to autumn?
Or are you wishing that summer will hang on just that little bit longer?
Hannah x

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  1. Autumn (and spring) are my favourite times of the year, everything is changing and I love that!
    ~ K


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