Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #7

So my holidays are almost up, yet, instead of enjoying the last stretch of free time that I have, I've been non stop stressed about all the things that lay ahead. My dissertation. Coursework deadlines. Those extortionate reading lists. Hospital appointments. Doctor appointments and more and aiwuhgauwghuwh I should be relaxed right now but I'm anything but! I think what's been panicking me this week is that I had the question running through my head that, if I'm this stressed now, with nothing directly demanding my time, what am I going to be like when I'm in the middle of it all? This always happens before an academic year starts up again though, particularly now so that this is my final hurdle and I just want to get it right - so I think I'm safe in saying that its normal to be feeling like this? I went to the dentist earlier today and everything was perfect and I'm over half way through my treatment therapy with my audiologist and that's going great, so I feel a lot more relaxed now that I don't have those to worry about (I hate the dentist); and with Reading Festival coming up this weekend I really want to make an effort to just relax, enjoy myself and breathe; in order to make the most of the rest of my summer and also to ensure that I'm in a more positive frame of mind come next month when term restarts. 

I obviously chose Watterson's quote this week because it is 100% relevant to exactly how I've been feeling, thinking and doing the past week and it is only when my friends pointed out that I have over a month before university restarts that I realised how silly I was being by putting myself through so much stress and anxiety so early in advance. Although, I still don't think that there is anything wrong with being prepared! Because I can't just switch off my anxiety, I've decided to set aside a few readings to run through and analyse each week leading up to next month - just to get back into the gist of things! I'm hoping that setting out such a plan will allow me to calm down and enjoy the rest of my summer!

Are you nervous about the start of school/college/university coming up?
Well, hopefully I'm not the only one otherwise I might have come across a little crazy in this one!!! :P
Hannah x

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