Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wise Wednesday #8

Yes, Reading Festival is still on my mind, and let me tell you, the thing I enjoyed the most during the weekend (besides the music of course) was the dancing. I am definitely not one for dancing, I really wish I could dance, but it is something that just really doesn't come naturally to me! Typically though, the part of the festival that I was most attracted to during the weekend was the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage, and I loved it. As soon as the beat dropped everyone went wild - and I mean wild. Every single person in and around the tent was dancing like a mad man and it was just brilliant. Exhilarating in fact. You could see everyone was having so much fun and it made me think, why don't people go crazy like this more often? I imagined someone looking in from the outside, unable to hear the music, only able to observe our disjointed, unattractively funny moves and I laughed at the thought because we seriously would have looked insane (either that, or looking as though we were all experiencing a huge seizure). 

I found H.P. Lovecraft's quote to be quite an interesting one because I've always seen it to be true. I would never dance 'out' unless I was at least a little bit tipsy because, not only am I painfully aware that I really cannot dance, it can also be hard to let yourself go and really enjoy it otherwise. I would feel insane if I just broke out into a dance, but then, perhaps, that's the joy of dancing. It's doing something different than the robotic movements our body becomes accustomed to during the daily demands of school and work, and sets our bodies free beyond those restrictions, letting them move in a way that we aren't used to committing unless in a club or at a party under some sort of influence (unless you're a dancer, of course). I didn't drink at all throughout the festival and I had a fabulous time. It was just a wonderful experience and now I feel a lot more light hearted about the prospect of dancing in front of other people and I'm really looking forward to my next boogie. 

Perhaps I am insane, but aren't we all to a certain extent? 
Hannah x

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