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Urban Decay 'Smoked' Palette

I am more than certain that the majority, if not all of you have heard of the all famous, well loved Naked palettes from Urban Decay. I too am absolutely in love with the original Naked and the Naked 2 palette and they are definitely a popular choice for an everyday/evening look in my week however I usually find that I am reaching for Urban Decay's less well known 'Smoked' palette just as often so I thought that I would show you what shades it holds and talk a bit about my favourite and least favourites!


What I love most about this palette is that it really can be used for all occasions; whether you're lusting after a pale, brightening eye; a wearable - yet colourful eye; or a deep, smoky eye this really is the palette that can cover all. During my weekend at Reading Festival this was without a doubt my go to palette, which I find is quite interesting as I often pick this one up on a daily basis to help accent and deepen my natural everyday 'face' look. My most used and personal favourites from this palette are definitely 'MUSHROOM', 'BACKDOOR', 'BARLUST' and 'ROCKSTAR'.

For a very long time 'MUSHROOM' was my all time favourite eyeshadow, and still remains as one of my all time favourites! It's a beautifully deep, slightly shimmery, dusty mauve colour which just goes perfectly with any lipstick/blush/outfit. I love to sweep this lightly across the lid for a casual, everyday look, and then intensifying it by blending it into the crease for the evenings proving just how versatile it is. Secondly, come the winter months my hair always turns into a much darker brunette which is when I find that 'BACKDOOR' is the perfect eyebrow shade for me, plus its great to line the eye with when I don't want something as intense as black!
Thirdly is 'BARLUST', which I'm sure none of you ill be surprised at as I am a sucker for a bronzed eye. Whenever I'm in a rush, I quickly sweep this across the lid and I'm done! Once again this is another shade that an be really manipulated to suit your look and therefore can be layered up for evening time too. Usually when I wear a smoky eye it'll include a wash of MACs 'Bronze' across the lid and then 'BARUST' blended more deeply through the crease - creating a fairly subtle and extremely wearable smoky eye that really makes my blue eyes pop!
Lastly is 'ROCKSTAR'. Every now and again I get a bit sick of the nuder options I forever reach for and fancy something a bit more outgoing, fun and colourful. Similarly to 'Naked 2', the 'Smoked' palette holds nude shades alongside more colourful options, and the one I reach for the most is that gorgeous, very slightly shimmery true purple shade down below. I always enjoy using purple eyeshadows as I just find they compliment my skin tone, hair and eye colour perfectly! What I think stands out about this one however is that its a very rick, deep purple that can be so easily blended that it isn't at all intimidating to use (despite looking a bit scary in the pan!) and its very easy to achieve a blended out wash of colour whilst still maintaining that boldness that one originally looks for when choosing a  coloured shadow.

I have to say that the two shades I use the least are definitely 'KINKY' and 'FREESTYLE'. Whilst I have used these shades on other people and managed to create a beautiful look, I cannot get these shades to work on my yellow toned skin. I find that, due to their yellow/peach nature that it can very easily make me look as though I have a bruised eye so I just tend to neglect these as I'm often in a rush in the morning and don't have time to fiddle around with trying to get them to work! Nonetheless, they worked amazingly well when doing my friends' make up who have more of a pink toned complexion so I just thought I'd give that a mention if you might perhaps be thinking of checking this palette out!

I really do think that this palette deserves a lot more attention than it receives so that is why I decided to feature it in today's post! I haven't ever discussed any of my palettes before so I hope you enjoyed this one! Have you checked out the Urban Decay 'Smoked' Palette before? What did you think?
Hannah x


  1. Fantastic review Hannah! I agree that this needs more light on it, it looks like a gorgeous palette!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. lovely :) I want this palette so bad


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