Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn Candles

Firstly, yes that is a trumpet. Secondly, I know there are four pictures rather than three, but I just thought the flame on the second was too sick not to include. Thirdly, it was very hard to choose three candles, however, these are the three that I've found myself reaching for the most now that the colder weather is upon us. Admittedly, I'm not made of money so I don't have a billion candles and so I only buy the ones that I truly love, which means that I have used these throughout the year even during the hot summer, but well, I suppose they're 'meant' to be burned during this time of year so I thought I'd give my favourite three warming scents a shout!

Black Cherry, Christmas Eve & Fruit Fusion by Yankee Candle. 

I have to say these are the most long lasting candles I have ever used. I feel as though I light them all the time but I'm not even past half way through them! 

Black Cherry is a personal favourite of mine, possessing a sweet, yet warm, deep cherry scent. This for me is the ultimate cosy scent and it really does fill up a room in no time at all so you never need to leave it lit for long.

Christmas Eve, whilst obviously a winter scent is the spiciest scent out of the three. Cinnamon, cranberry and other notes of loveliness and all things Christmasy that my nose is unable to pin point. All I know is that this is as spiced as I can go, I am definitely one for a sweet fruit scent so this isn't usually one that I would opt for but I have definitely grown to love it and will be repurchasing another at some point this holiday!

Lastly is Fruit Fusion - the perfect candle for any fruit scent lover. This doesn't have that fake orange sweetie smell that some candles do - this rather, possesses a very fresh, zesty scent that really does revitalise you after a long day/afternoon in the cold.

All three I consider to be the perfect trio and individual saints at helping me relax, unwind and are a joy to sit beside whilst snuggled up reading a book during these cold evenings. 

What are your favourite autumn candles?
Hannah x


  1. I am OBSESSED with candles. I really need help. I just picked up three Yankees and now I want more seeing yours - I am going to try out my new Christmas one tonight. It is November now so it's officially time to get in the mood :)

    1. I know right?! I'm currently on a candle ban until I've finished these haha ooo which ones did you pick up? Let me know how you liked it! and I definitely agree :P x


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