Sunday, 23 November 2014

Introducing Sample Sundays

I thought I was being all original thinking up 'Sample Sundays', but it seems that there are quite a few others that have previously introduced this series to their blog. *weeps*. Anyhoo, I think I can speak for quite a few of us when I say that it is very easy to let samples build up into a rising, daunting pile - and so I have challenged myself to try out either one or two samples a week, so that I can start to downsize my collection a little. Besides it would be silly to waste them and I always find it interesting and fun to mix things up a bit! You never know what gems you might come across...

Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover
I absolutely love this stuff. The majority of the solution itself was clear, with a layer of blue oil at the bottom which you proceed to shake and mix together before use. You don't need a lot at all for the make-up remover to start breaking down and washing away even the most stubborn of mascaras (Benefit 'They're Real!', I'm looking at you). I honestly couldn't fault anything about this sample and I was all ready to buy the full sized version until I heard quite a few people preaching about The Body Shop's 'Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Make up Remover', stating that it is a pretty good dupe for less than half the price. I love a lot of The Body Shop's products, and in all honesty if something does practically the same thing at a much lower cost, I'm definitely going to go for the cheaper option!! So next time I nip into The Body Shop I'm going to ask for a sample to compare for myself. Having said that, if Clarins has a sale any time soon I might just treat myself to this one because it really was such a pleasure to use. To tugging, no pulling, just melting away that make up with zero fuss. 

Origins GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturiser
I have to say, this is quite a giving sample as I've got a lot of uses out of it already and still have about half of it to go! I think that this came as part of a set when I bought my 'High-Potency Night-A-Mins: Mineral-enriched renewal cream' so I'm guessing that it's a little larger than a typical sample size. Admittedly, I haven't been using this every day as I've rather enjoyed using it purely on those stay-at-home days, where my skin is just looking and feeling a bit dull. This moisturiser is amazing at perking up the skin, injecting (for want of a better word) brightness and plumpness to my face almost instantly which is a major bonus if you're like me and hate feeling groggy and tired. As a moisturiser though, it doesn't do much for me and I find that by mid-afternoon my dehydrated cheeks are left feeling a little parched and in need of another little boost. This is why I haven't used this on my skin when I've left the house with a full face of make-up on because I didn't fancy the prospect of having to deal with my foundation drying out, and, from what I can tell, this product doesn't possess any SPF which for me is always a big no no, even when it comes to the winter months. Whilst my foundation does possess SPF 15, I always like to wear an SPF 30 underneath just to be safe that my skin is truly protected. It's such a shame really because I do love the feeling that this moisturiser gave my skin, especially the middle, more oilier parts of my combination skin. If I do purchase the full size of this product, I think that I will keep it for use on those round-the-house, no make up days because I really have enjoyed using this lighter, more energising moisturiser rather than my typical, thicker SPF 30 that isn't really needed when you're having an indoor day!

I hope you enjoyed these sort of 'mini reviews' and if you've tried these products about before I'd love to hear how you got on with them in the comments!
See you next week,
Hannah x



  1. I have the full sized GinZing and it is a LIFE CHANGER! I bloomin love it, if not just for the smell! x

    Always, Alice x

  2. What a great idea for posts! I think I may have to follow your lead and get on the sample train. I have SO many as well. I looove that Clarins makeup remover as well, it is the bomb dot com for sure!


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