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Josie Maran Argan Colour Sticks

When it comes to blush, I've always been a powder girl myself - baked or pressed, but mostly pressed. I'd never fancied trying out a cream blush before because I just found the idea too messy to approach during my morning rush, so when I saw these 'Colour Sticks' I thought, brilliant, something easy to use and that's great for when you're on the go yet something a little different to try out! I suppose its similar to applying a lipstick really, you simply twist up the stick, apply, blend, and then throw it back into your bag.

Living in England, it's been pretty cold recently, well, very cold actually, and so these Colour Sticks from Josie Maran have become a lot more solid now that the temperature began to drop. I've found that this makes the blush a lot more difficult to apply as it can tug on the face slightly, consequently leaving a big plodge where you first start the swipe. Consequently I've been left hastily trying to spread the colour up my cheekbone, attempting to blend it out before it dries. I found this to be a lot more hassle than simply swishing a brush across my face like usual, but, I persevered in the hope that I'd just become more accustomed to doing it each morning. On those morning where it is a little cold, I've now got into the habit of blasting my hair dryer at the stick for just a few second to soften the product up a bit. I find this makes it a lot easier to apply and gives you a lot more time to blend it to the intensity that you like, which is nice because I've only really been liking a 'natural flush' as of late.

Now. I never really thought that I would talk about the smell of a blush, however the scent of these really shocked me and still do each morning. Similar to my beloved Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, the Josie Maran Argan Colour Sticks possess a medical scent which is just, bewildering. It's a very strong, harsh scent, especially considering it's purpose it to be applied near the nose and eyes. Personally, I quite like a medicinal scent, but even I find this one a little difficult to stomach first thing in the morning at times - so if you're not one for that kind of smell, I'd definitely avoid these!

The full sized version I have is called 'Glow', and the miniature is called 'Love'. I sometimes find it quite difficult to get a very pinky blush to suit my skin tone so admittedly I have been reaching more for 'Love', which whilst pink, holds a richer, truffle-brown undertone and so I find it gives me a much more natural, warming finish. Due to the shimmery nature of 'Glow', I've stuck to using this one at night time and it really does give you a beautiful glow - and, I have to stress, these things really do. not. budge. as the day and/or night goes on. Sometimes I find that a light sweep of powder across the cheeks can wear away as the day progresses, but these maintain the intensity that you set out for when you first apply in the morning which is great because it makes your blush hassle free throughout the day. Which is also a shame really, because as I said before when I first saw them I assumed that they'd be a new, nifty handbag essential of mine but alas! The more efficient and long lasting they are, the better for someone like me who doesn't like to reapply make-up throughout the day I guess!

('Glow' [left] & 'Love' [right] blended out)

Finally, what I also love about these bad boys is that (as you can probably tell from their name), they're infused with argan oil, and so are rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that help to prevent dehydration on the cheeks - something which I think a lot of us combo-skins suffer from! I do believe that these can be used on the lips also, but I am definitely going to continue using them purely as a blush as I can't even fathom how that strong smell might taste!

All in all, I think that the Josie Maran Argan Colour Sticks were quite interesting to try out and I'm pleased I learned how to use them more effectively as to give a sheerer, more natural result. Nonetheless, I do think that I will continue to reach for my powder, especially on those days where I don't necessarily need my make-up to last all day because its just what I'm used to and I enjoy applying powders a lot more! Although, if I know I'm going to get a bit hot or flustered I will absolutely grab one of the Colour Sticks because you can really rely on them to stay on your face all day and not budge! Thus, I'd particularly recommend these to anyone that might suffer dehydrated skin on their cheeks, or to those of you that find your blush tends to wear or melt away easily as the day goes on.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Hannah x


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