Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Body Shop: Haul

So me being me and being totally oblivious to the time of year, I went for a shop the day before Black Friday... *weeps*. Anyhoo, I'm really happy with what I picked up from The Body Shop and I think that a lot of the things I bought tend to be those items that aren't talked about much or are completely overlooked, and so today I thought that I would give them their moment of glory!

Organic Cotton Rounds 
|£2.50 (per 100) - Simple, but affective. These little cotton pads are made up of one 'bumpy' side and one smooth, so depending on what you're doing, where you're doing it and the effect that you'd like to achieve I think these are perfect. I really enjoy using the smoother side to take off my eye make-up and the rougher side on the drier parts of my face, to really help pick up any leftover cleanser and dead skin. They're made of 100% cotton, so they're especially soft and just lovely to use.
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner |£5.00 - I only noticed when I got home that this seems to have a lot of deposits in the bottom of the bottle so I'm not sure if it's ok to use? Anyhoo, tea tree is a brilliant way of calming down any breakouts and helping to prevent them in the future. I don't get many spots I have to say, but I bought this as something to refresh and clear my face after using a cleanser.
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash |£5.00 - I don't feel the need to use a full on cleanser in the morning because I always make sure that I get everything off the night before and ensure I have a clean pillow case at all times. Similarly to the tea tree toner, I really enjoy how much this facial wash helps to liven up and wake up the face - perfect for the mornings. My face is left feeling clean and perky, ready for my daily moisturiser.
Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Make-up Remover |£8.00 - As I mentioned in my first 'Sample Sunday' entry here, I really enjoyed using the Clarins Ultra Eye Make-up Remover, but had heard a lot of hype surrounding this camomile version from The Body Shop and so I thought I'd give it a try! I have to say, this works just as good as the Clarins one and it's under half the price - ermmm yes please!? I put a little of this on one of the cotton rounds mentioned above, hold it over the eye area, and then gently wipe the residue away, leaving the lid and lashes totally clean - without any tugging or pulling! I'm already thinking of stocking up on this stuff so that I don't run out! It really is that good. (*Update, I've already purchased two more... Oh Hannah.)
Aqua Eye Mask |£6.00  - I actually got this as a Christmas present for my Dad haha. He suffers extremely severe migraines and always struggles to get rid of them or at least sooth them. As a child my mum always used to buy these cooling gel pads that you put on your forehead when you have a headache and I haven't seen them since, other than some super expensive ones that are designed for just the one use, then to be thrown away. I figured this was a more economical way of having something that entails the same concept, whether it be to sooth puffy/tired eyes or an annoying headache. Whether he'll want to use something that makes you look like a bug with huge green eyes I don't know, but hopefully it helps with his headaches! 
White Head Band |£4.00 - I needed a headband for when I use my cleanser in the evenings as I was sick of it getting in my hair at the sides (not nice!). This one is perfect because its made out of a very soft material, with good elastic so it fits even my massive head with comfort, without pulling tight. In saying that however, I reckon this would also be suitable for smaller sized heads, it might just look a little thicker where its just less stretched out! (I've since bought a second for my mum and she absolutely loves it! Perhaps a little gift idea?)
Muslin Cloths |£2.50 (each)- These aren't pictured above because I've already used them and they're in the wash so it would have been a bit gross as to show you them! I've never used a muslin cloth before, only a flannel to take off my cleanser and make-up so I've been really enjoying the smoothness of these as they're a lot less harsh and so would recommend checking them out to anyone, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

That's everything! Have you checked out any of these before? What were your thoughts?
Hannah x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New LUSH Goodies!

Ultrabland Cleanser |£11.50 (100g) - I'm currently trying to eliminate any harsh chemicals out of my skincare routine, well, anything that isn't natural really - if I can that is. Either way, LUSH just makes this all the more easier to achieve and I haven't heard too many people hyping the Ultrabland cleanser, however those that I've spoken to that have used it do so religiously, so I just jumped straight in and bought the biggest pot I saw, eager to see the benefits it beholds myself. I used it for the first time last night and I was so surprised at how moisturising this was, alongside how deeply it cleaned my skin with such ease.

Herbalism Fresh Cleanser |£6.75 (100g) - I had tried out a couple samples of this before and loved how clean it made my skin feel. Thus, I took the plunge and bought the full sized pot. I'm super excited to see the long term effects that using this cleanser might have on my skin and it's 100% natural which is even better! I didn't get the largest size pot because I was worried that I wouldn't get through it in time before it went off, but I still think that the smaller version will last a very long time because you only need a little blob at a time to thoroughly cleanse your whole face!

The Comforter Bubble Bar |£4.75 - I didn't recognise this as The Comforter when I was in store, because none of the pile had any of those cool swirly patterns so I was left a little confused. Either way I knew instantly from the scent what it was when my mum showed it to me, and decided to put it in my basket as a little treat for her. Personally, I find that bubble wise I can never get a lot out of these things, but the smell of this, a sweet, ribena-like scent is perfect for those baths where you just want a quick soak and don't want to waste a larger, more expensive bath bomb. My mum is quite a busy person and so never has much time to really enjoy a long relaxing bath in the evenings so I thought this would be a perfect way to help her get in a little relaxation time at least.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb |£3.50 - I've never tried anything from the Lush Christmas range before (I know... shock horror!) and when looking at the ingredients of what each product has to offer, the Luxury Lush Pud is the one that impressed me the most, possessing high concentrations of ylang ylang oil and lavender oil which was super relaxing and calming for the mind. Also, the colours of this look super snazzy and fun so I can't wait to see how colourful it turns my bath! I don't usually opt for particularly strong lavender scents as they can prove a little overpowering at times, but this scent just hits the nail on the head and I definitely know that it'll do nicely in helping me to warm up and unwind during the chilly evenings that lie ahead. 

& that's everything! Have you tried out any of these products before? What were your thoughts? :)
Hannah x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Book Haul: Light Reads

I recently shared with you guys what the top three books were on my wish list right now, or 'right then' I should say! - of which I only ended up buying one. I'm still not 100% sure if Eleanor & Park (by Rainbow Rowell) and The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern) are for me so that is why I decided to hold off purchasing them for a while longer and went for the following instead!:

'West End Girls' by Jenny Colgan. This has quiteee a high recommendation level on Amazon so I figured it only had to be good! In many reviews people shared how much they enjoyed the silliness and light-heartedness the book had to offer which is the type of thing I love to read surrounding deadline time at uni. Something light and funny means I can relax a bit and enjoy a good book without having to delve into something too demanding or complex that would overwhelm my brain even further. Plus, I absolutely love the West End and so I'm guessing that I'll recognise some of the places where the sisters venture too, which will add more of a physical setting and hopefully help me visualise the story a little better than normally!

'Let It Snow' by John Green, Lauren Myracle & Maureen Johnson. This was just a must for me, particularly now that Christmas is less than a month away (eeeeep!!) and come on... John Green! As I've mentioned numerous times before I absolutely love his style of writing and the humour it frequently entails. I'm also super excited to see a glimpse of the other two authors' style as I'm guessing they're not too far fetched from that of John's if all three co-wrote it? Hmm... We'll see I guess! 

'Girl Online' by Zoe Sugg. I've been reading Zoe's blog since 2009 and I think it is amazing to 
see how far she's got since posting up those frequent Lush hauls and FOTD's! An author?! Amazing. I'm sure this book is going to be a sell out due to her loyal fan base - although, I have to say, I went for the book for quite different reasons! I don't think I've ever come across a fictional book that gives an insight into a character living with an anxiety disorder, so I'm very interested to see how it is portrayed and discussed, as it is something particularly significant to me - now having lived with it for several years myself. From what I've heard the storyline is that of a typical, predictable, young adult book where a girl is having some 'teen' troubles and falls in love with a handsome boy, so I'm looking forward to spending my next lazy day reading this and enjoying something that doesn't require much thought or puzzle piecing to get through! 

I'm very much looking forward to reading these now that my final coursework piece is finally submitted. I've become quite accustomed to reading pretty philosophical and complicated pieces recently, so I've selected these to sort of help me unwind into the chilled holiday mood and relax my brain a little before I start working on my dissertation write up!
Let me know if you'd like to see how I got on with them once I'm finished! Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts?
Hannah x
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