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LUSH 'Luxury Lush Pud' Bath Bomb | Review

Woooo! Believe it or not, I haven't ever tried any items from LUSH's Christmas range before - something which many people often claim as hosting the best LUSH products out of the entire year; so as you can imagine I was very excited to take a trip in store and try out some limited edition goodies! Whilst the beautiful colours and heavy glitters where gorgeously overwhelming, I actually ended up straying towards some of the permanent range, purchasing some new cleansers and well loved bubble bars... oops? The first time I visited my local LUSH, all the Christmas-y things were pretty much out of stock or seriously battered up and crumbled, so I left disappointed after being told I had to wait another 3 days before anything new came back in stock. As it happens, I needed to go back to town to pick up some last minute Christmas goodies and voila! They had pretty much nearly sold out of everything again so I made an extra effort to smell and check the ingredients of the Christmas items left as clearly they're bloody popular! 

I don't know if its because they had been on display for a while and left to air (being the last few left) but I honestly couldn't pick up on any scents apart from the 'Luxury Lush Pud' and 'Cinders' bath bombs. I'm not a keen cinnamon lover, and mostly found 'Cinders' to be a little overpowering, so I decided to stray away from the latter and rather opted for probably the most fun looking, and strongest smelling Christmas product they had - The Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. The style and design of this bomb actually reminded me a little of Dragons Egg, which all be it wasn't one of my favourites, it was definitely one of the more colourful and interesting bath bombs to use! I absolutely love the little holly piece on top, adding a little festive touch amongst the overwhelmingly bright pink and multicoloured spots that encase this product. It's strong lavender scent encased me in a beautifully relaxing, room-filling essence and it really helped sooth my achy bones (ah I know, such an old lady!). 

When shopping for LUSH products, it's mainly the ingredients that are the selling point in my eyes. I think its incredibly easy to get carried away by the fabulous shapes, novelty animals, all alongside the blinding glitters which, if you've shopped in LUSH before, you'll know can quickly swallow up your money, all on things that well, lets face it, are pretty much totally a leisure purchase and aren't realllly needed. I was quite impressed by the oils included in this one, another reason why I bought it and it definitely did have a slightly noticeable beneficial effect on my skin, but I found that it's main benefits laid in helping me to unwind and relax.

When this beauty starts to fizz away in the bath, it's little multicoloured spots break off and disperse across the bath, dissolving at a much slower rate than the main pink segment which just goes crazy emitting a bright pink swish of colour throughout the water in no time at all. After a few minutes it was all over though, and I was left sitting in a bright, bubblegum coloured bath that smelt soooo relaxing - perfect for a night time treat! After about half an hour though I did feel that the majority of the lavender scent had worn off which was a tad disappointing. Nonetheless, I'm not really one to sit for hours in the bath anyway so it was probably good timing for me so that I didn't feel like I was wasting the bath bomb by getting out too soon as to not enjoy the product enough. For the rest of the evening I really struggled to stay awake. This thing really has super powers and helped me to get to sleep in no time at all which was pure bliss as it really helped relieve a lot of stress that had built up surrounding my dissertation write up!

In my opinion, this wasn't worth £3.50. Whilst I thought the colours were amazing and its strong lavender scent was relaxing, I didn't really notice much else. When it comes to LUSH I guess I just prefer the bath melt type because they just leave your skin beautifully smooth and scrumptious, which this one didn't. Would I buy again? Probably not, but given the right mood I'm a sucker for anything bright and colourful in LUSH so I might pick this up again next year to give it another go. I am a little disappointed I didn't get to try more from the limited edition range though! Overall I must have nipped into my local (which isn't all that local) LUSH store five times over the Christmas break and I was forever met with the few crumbly left overs and told to "come back in a few days". Surely if they know the Christmas items are popular enough to repeatedly sell out they should have ordered more stock? Oh well, hopefully next year I'll manage to get my hands on something more!

What Christmas LUSH products did you try out?


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