Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My 2015 Resolutions.

- Join the gym. Yes I know I know everyone ALWAYS puts this at the top of the list, well... either that or to simply 'exercise more', but I really am going for it this year. There's a new gym opening close to where soon so I'm looking forward to joining and integrating at least a few weekly gym session as part of the new, healthier lifestyle that I aspire to attain. 

- Continue to integrate new things into my diet. Another health one I know, but since the second half of 2014 I really have seen a difference in my body, mind and skin and I honestly think its due to the little healthy pieces that I've slowly introduced into my diet. I currently have a big pot of coconut oil and a box of organic green tea bags staring at me as the next step towards that healthier diet!

- Have acupuncture more often. I was only introduced to the magical practise that is acupuncture last year and it helped relieve years worth of pain and stiffness in my upper back. For a long while I have felt so much freer in my movements and for the first time in a long time I have been able to go about normal day to day tasks without being tormented by excruciating pain by time I go to bed. My back has only just started to get a bit stiff and painful again so I see it as an important resolution to make sure that I go to my physiotherapist to have regular (around once every few months I'm guessing) sessions to help maintain a less strained, pain free back.

- Read the books that I haven't yet read. No I don't mean every book in the universe that I haven't yet laid my eyes upon, but rather, I aim to read those clean, uncreased spine'd books looking down at me from my shelves as I load more on. I have a terrible habit to buy books before I've finished what I already own, almost an obsession really. I bought the most amount of books I've ever purchased in my life last year and I look forward to hopefully getting through the majority of them before this time next year!

- Get through all my body products. I have a shameful amount of large Soap & Glory body lotions, butters, body wash's and the rest - and I've been really struggling to get through them. They're just SO big, which is obviously a bonus because you're getting good value for your money, but it can also prove a little frustrating when you are lusting to try out something new. I'm looking forward to finishing everything up so that I can start to explore some more natural options.

- Graduate with 2:1 Honours. This isn't really a 'resolution', but I suppose my key resolution until graduation is to work as hard as I can to ensure I do achieve the result that I want. I personally see a 2:1 as a huge triumph and I will be absolutely over the moon if I achieve it. Obviously there's always a cheeky part of our minds that would love to attain a first, but I've decided it wise to save myself any extra pressure so that my anxiety doesn't go off the rails. What will be will be,  and I can only do my best... and with just 5 months to go now, that is certainly what I aim to do!

- Continue blogging. I would love to write about a million different ways in which I could improve my blog, but in all honesty, I'm not happy listing something as a resolution if I'm not totally sure if I'll be able to keep to it. I definitely intend to continue blogging - I have sooo many ideas all listed up and I'm excited to get those up and see how my blog develops before this time next year. Even though I absolutely love blogging and getting to chat to so many new people through it, I do know when breaks need to be taken and I would much prefer to take a break if things in my life get a bit too hectic than to let my content suffer. So whilst one of my main blogging resolutions (link) is to blog more often, I am expecting to take a months break leading up to and surrounding my final year exams! (which I hope is understandable!)

So there you have it! A few of my key resolutions for the fresh new year! What are some of yours?



  1. I'm also trying to make better choices food wise (mainly snack less as I already eat quite healthily otherwise) and keep up blogging. Good luck with your resolutions xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

    1. I think snacking is the biggest hold back! It's so difficult to resist the nibbles sometimes! :P thank you! you too! :) x

  2. Ah I could never imagine having acupuncture! Isn't it painful?!
    Also, I have a similar "problem" as you in terms of buying loads of books before I've finished what I already own. I was quite bad when it came to paperbacks but since I got my iPad and Kindle, I've found I keep buying a ton of books from Amazon for really cheap with the intention of reading, but I buy more than I can read :S
    Good luck with your resolutions, I hope you succeed in them all! :)
    - Taisie ♥ | Life by Taisie

    1. Hey Taisie - thanks for your lovely comment! You just made my morning haha happy new year!
      Nooo it isn't at all painful! You can't really feel anything unless the needle is moved slightly when its in a muscle (sounds gross ew!) but it doesn't hurt :) I try not to think about it when it happens otherwise I don't think I could get through it :P. Depending on your problem you can get some aching for a few days after, kinda like when you've been carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder so its not too bad!
      & hoorah! I'm not alone - Amazon is SUCH a death trap at times! Their deals are just too good to miss out on I think!
      Thank you! I wish you luck with whatever your goals are too :) xx

  3. Great resolutions. Love how the first 3 are health related. Definitely trying to be healthier this year as well.


  4. Your diary is really pretty. And I love the reading those unread books goal, I aim to do that too as I've built up quite a few on my shelve too. Good luck with graduating as well!



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