Sunday, 18 January 2015

Portobello Road

I had never been to Portobello Road before, but had certainly always wanted to ever since I saw 'Bed Knobs and Broomsticks' for the first time. That tune never gets old! I'm not really sure why I hadn't till now because it's well under half an hour away from where I live... but anyways, I decided to take the plunge when my parents said that they wanted to go too and boy oh boy did we choose the wrong day for it! It was freezing cold, raining all afternoon and it was a Friday so there were pretty much only Antique stalls out. Although, I'm not complaining! I love searching through individual, unique items and I did pick up a few pieces, but there were some gorgeous gorgeous telephones and teapots that were to die for, but just way out of my budget! *weeps*. Oh well... perhaps I'll treat myself when I move? :P Overall, despite the rain and the cold, I absolutely loved getting to explore the area, the little stalls and shops, as well as the beautifully coloured houses that line the streets of Notting Hill. I think I'll definitely have to go for a little wonder around next time there's a sunny Saturday! If you haven't visited the area already, I'd highly recommend it! I felt it had a completely different, really laid-back vibe which I absolutely loved and am looking forward to exploring further in the future. 

If you like these little London 'snippet' posts please do let me know and I'll try to get my camera out more often! :)
Hannah x


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  1. One of the best places in London. Great Photography

    Ayinke :)


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