Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Body Shop 'Africa Honey & Beeswax Hands and Foot Butter' | Review

# Holy Grail alert!!! #
Wowee. I must have had this sat around for the longest time now, and I am so annoyed at myself for having pushed this little beauty to the back of my drawers time and time again. The Body Shop 'Africa Honey & Beeswax Hands and Foot Butter' now hosts centre stage on my bedside table and I don't think I'll be changing it around until it runs out. Now, I don't have particularly dry hands, so when it comes to hand creams I often find it difficult to find something that isn't too thick or greasy - yet still proves hydrating, which is where this bad boy totally hits the nail on the head. I had been suffering dry palms (and I mean really dry) which is quite unusual for me and well, my hands were in need of a pamper anyway, so I decided to give this a go in the hope that it would sort out the problem quickly and get my hands back to tip top condition. After having used this for a mere two nights in a row, all my hand troubles had melted away, and with the occasional application since, my hands have been in pretty much perfect condition! Yaaay!

I'd like to say that I use this butter each night, but realistically - I'm just a bit too lazy and forgetful for all that. Although, I have to say that personally I've found using this butter around three times a week has actually proved more than enough as to leave my hands feeling deliciously smooth and healthy, and I haven't seen a dry patch in sight since I've integrated this into my (occasional) 'before-bed routine'. I can't vouch for the power this has in helping out with dry feet, because I have a bit of a thing with my feet and I just can't fathom the prospect of possibly lathering them in cream (bleugh!); however, I do believe that this stuff could combat any degree of dry skin you might suffer, and it's gentle nature means that it can be confidently used on sore, chapped hands (or feet) without causing any irritation (which is always a bonus!). The only ingredient that I think perhaps you might want to consider when using this hand butter is 'Myristyl Myristate', which is an emollient (i.e. something which is used as a moisturising treatment to treat quite severe skin conditions such as eczema for example). Whilst emollients are perfectly fine to use on your skin and are not harmful to your body, I just thought I'd mention that 'Myristyl Myristate' is one of those ingredients that, whilst it has very beneficial effects to the skin on your hands, it is also very high up on the comedogenicity scale, meaning that it can very easily clog up pores so don't go touching your face too much after applying this (hence why I use it before bed)!

Overall, I love everything about the 'Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter' from The Body Shop and would highly recommend it for anyone on the lookout for a deeply hydrating hand cream that sinks in quickly and does the job, all whilst requiring minimal effort and time from you. The only thing I possibly don't like about this product is its packaging - which does look very fancy on my bedside and makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is (making this a great idea for a gift), but it can be quite difficult to close the metal clasp when you're hands are a little bit slippery after use, which has led to some snapping on the fingers at times! Nonetheless, after seeing the wonders this butter has had on my hands, I'll just have to let that go and be less impatient trying to close it I suppose! :P

What has been your holy grail hand cream this winter?
Hannah x


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