Friday, 9 January 2015

The Body Shop 'Satsuma Shower Gel' | Review

The 'Satsuma' shower gel is the first shower gel I have ever purchased and used from The Body Shop. I suppose I've always been a little put off by (what I feel is) it's hefty price tag, £4 for 250ml of product, which is a lot more expensive than my long loved Radox shower gel in 'Coconut' which costs £1.50 for the same amount. Nonetheless, it is the month of Christmas (I do like to milk it haha), so I decided to take the plunge and treat myself and I am so happy that I did! As a major lover of the all-famous 'Satsuma' scent, this item definitely does not disappoint and almost overwhelms you with a burst of bright, citrus orange as soon as you click the lid open in the shower. I don't find that this lathers up so well, which I was a little dismayed by at first, but I learned that this is a lot more oily than to what I'm used to, and with patience and rapid circular motions, this spreads so easily over the body and rinses off lovely leaving such soft, nourished skin in its wake. 

I always find it a little weird that people only ever talk about the smells of shower gels rather than their actual ability to clean (which of course is its purpose!), so I just wanted to state that in terms of cleanliness, this thing is amazing. I have a shower each and every morning and I wake up still feeling fresh and clean the following day which, clearly is ideal, and so I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a shower gel that not only smells great, but actually keeps you feeling lovely and clean throughout the day!

Ingredients wise, nothing really jumps out at me apart from its very small dose of salicylic acid. I had noticed that my mild chest acne had practically disappeared around a week ago, something which I just thought had happened on its own as I hadn't introduced anything new into my body care and I didn't think that a shower gel would make a difference. Whether the salicylic acid in this product has helped get rid of it, I really don't know - but it certainly did clear up around two weeks after I started using this so it most probably did contribute in some way! (Woop!) I know that a lot of people stay away from salicylic acid as, over time it can have a detrimental effect on the long term quality of your skin (if used in large quantities); however, on the ingredients page on The Body Shop's website, this is labelled very far down the list which means it isn't a main ingredient and therefore there is only a little dose integrated into the product. So I wouldn't be too afraid, however I'm not sure if it would be enough as to aggravate someone with sensitive skin hence why I thought I'd mention it!

 I reckon I'm about half way through this little gem now, and the big question is: will I be repurchasing it? I'd like to think so. I might perhaps try another scent to get more of a feel for The Body Shop's shower gels in general, but I have to admit, satsuma is probably my favourite so I can definitely see myself turning back to this one in the future!!

What's your favourite shower gel from The Body Shop?

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  1. I tried the mango one of these, i think, and it was super yummy!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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