Monday, 12 January 2015

The Body Shop 'Tea Tree: Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser' | Review

I'll be honest, this is my go-to lazy day cleanser and it has been for probably the past year now, and whilst it might not be the most invigorating cleanser, it really does help freshen up the skin both quickly and efficiently which is perfect for those rushed early morning bathroom sprees and of course, for keeping those blemishes at bay! Now, I don't have particularly spotty skin, but I recently stopped using this cleanser (for some bizarre reason I'm not exactly aware of) and I have definitely noticed a downhill change in the condition of my skin. All be it, I am on my time of the month and so a few are expected which is normal, but I've found it a lot more difficult than usual to get them to budge and go away. I started using this again and within a few days my skin had mostly cleared up once again; and it's only then that I realised how much this otherwise tossed aside product has benefited my skin for the past year. As the name suggests, the bottle possesses a pump which foams the liquid product up, so it is a little unusual to your typical cleanser - whether its necessary? I'm not too sure. It makes it a little lighter on the face and therefore easier to spread though which I think is important when using basically what can be classed as a treatment product. All I do each morning is rub one pump of this around my face, paying particular attention to my chin and nose where I'm more inclined to get little menaces, and quickly rince it away with a damp flannel and my skin is left feeling clean, plump and awake which sparks a brilliant start to the morning. I'd recommend this to anyone really, but particularly to those whom are suffering a little congestion or spots and are searching for something that's affective, but not too abrasive or harsh.

Will I be repurchasing this? Absolutely. It really is wonderful and I have no idea why I never noticed until now just how brilliant it is at helping keep my skin calm and refreshed!

What's your favourite cleanser by The Body Shop?


  1. Amazing that you noticed a difference as soon as you stopped using it. xx

    Ioanna |

    1. I know right! I'm panicking now though because I've almost ran out with no backup! :P Thanks for commenting! x

  2. The Body Shop tea tree range is amazing. The tea tree toner really helped clear my skin up, definitely going to give this a go x


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