Saturday, 21 February 2015

High End Beauty Haul & First Impressions

I haven't bought any beauty items in the longest time because I made a point half way through 2014 to finish and use up everything before I purchase anything new. I'm pleased to say that I was victorious and so I felt it only just to treat myself to some goodies that I've been eyeing up for a while! So here's what I bought: 

1. Clarins Instant Concealer 
This is totally Anna's (at 'Vivianna Does Makeup') fault. I've been a long term lover of her blog and the honesty she projects in her posts and videos, so when I saw her just raving about this for months on end I just had to get it. I've never really owned a concealer that I'm 100% happy with, and I was definitely sick of the cakey and dry nature of the all famous 'Collection Lasting Perfection' concealer so I was in the market to try something new, and was prepared to pay the price if it gets the job done better. The packaging of this is a little strange, I have to admit. Every now and again in my half-dazed morning state I squeeze a little too hard and end up having to use this stuff in place of a foundation - terrible I know! Oh well, morning Hannah doesn't have much time to faff to find another way to resolve the problem. Now that I've had the chance to use it a little more however, I think that its the perfect packaging for this product. You only need a teenie tiny bit and due to the very wet, liquid nature of this concealer - something which makes it joyfully easy to spread under the eye and blend to your hearts desire. 

2. Vichy Idealia BB Cream
After years and years of terrible acne as a teen, I think I got a little obsessed with the idea that I had to wear a foundation to help perfect my now-clear skin a little further. I never wore make-up when I had acne, so the novelty of having a flawless face was too much to resist. Now however, I've come to realise that I'm very fortunate to have such clear skin now (touch wood TOUCH WOOD) and I don't like having that 'perfect' airbrushed face everyday because I just don't feel that it's needed - queue the Vichy Idealia BB cream. What I love about this product is it really does look like your skin but WAY better (as long as you blend it in properly that is). It possesses such a subtle, beautiful glow and its so easy to slap on when I just can't be arsed on the morning of a lecture, or when I'm simply nipping to the shop and in need of a little 'perk'. It is slightly pinky toned though, so it's a little off my natural skin tone which is upsetting because this is the only light colour that they do - but I'm prepared to rock a slightly pinkier face when I use this because it really is just lovely.

3. Benefit Oxygen Foundation
I wasn't sure whether to include this or not because my mum bought it for herself, didn't like it and so passed it down to me so I didn't technically purchase this, but I've never owned a high end foundation before so I was super excited that this is now in my possession. I'll have to use it a little more to see how I really feel about it but first impressions wise? YESYESYES. JUST YES. I've never used a base that has this high-a-coverage either so I've found it particularly enjoyable to use on those days when I want to make an extra effort!

4. Benefit Dandelion Blush
Another thing my mum bought, never used, and so passed it down to me (WINNING). I was very lucky as to receive the Benefit 'Cheeky Sweet Spot: box o' blushers' set for Christmas from my parents, and I have so say, since having had time to use the range of colours with different base products and looks, I totally get the hype that surrounds Benefit's blushers now! I'd never bought one myself because I think they're crazy expensive in comparison to my beloved Milani blush (which I still love) but I really love the natural flush this shade in particular gives my complexion. Baby pinks are definitely not my thing but this is so light and subtle that I find it really works for me and definitely helps brighten up my face a little on these cold, dull mornings!

5. Tarte 'Lights, Camera, Lashes' Mascara
This is hands down one of, if not my favourite mascara. Need I say more for my reasoning to repurchase this? I think I've worked my way through about five now, which represents just how much I absolutely adore this product. In the past when it came to buying a new mascara, I usually just opted for whatever was on offer at the time and never really repurchased any. As Tarte isn't widely sold in the UK though, these mascara's can be quite difficult to get hold of - often selling out quickly online - so I decided to pick up two as I feel like I'd just be at a loss now without it in my make-up bag! For you fellow British beans, you can pick it up here!

So there you have it! I'm absolutely loving everything I've bought thus far, but I clearly haven't had the opportunity to test them out properly yet so I don't feel comfortable in actually writing any singular reviews of my thoughts and experiences just yet - I much prefer the novelty to wear off first and test them out under different circumstances before I do any of that so if you'd like to see any in-depth reviews of these, make sure to stick around!
Hannah x



  1. Dandelion is such a great product. It's perfect for pale skin, the colour is lovely.

    Andrea x

  2. I've just discovered Benefit's foundation and I love it - really light and natural looking, but gives me that little bit of coverage that I need. Thanks for the other recommendations, there are a few I shall be adding to my list to try! xx

  3. That Tarte mascara sounds lovely, may have to purchase that one on payday!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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