Sunday, 22 February 2015

Little High Street Beauty Haul

As mentioned in my recent 'High End Beauty Haul' post here, I haven't really bought many beauty items for quiteeee a while, so I was super excited to hit the shops and pick up some old favourites and some new curiosities. I didn't go all that mad on this one because there weren't many high street items that had really caught my eye recently, but I figured it'll be fun to show you what I did pick up anywhoo. As always, if you have any recommendations - then please do let me know in the comments below!

1) LUSH 'Silky Underwear' Dusting Power
I have to admit, I only really looked at this because of the obscure name. I thought, oh goodness... what have they thought of now?? But it turns out that this product is a lot more innocent than the name suggests, and is rather what I guess one could class as a 'scented talc' powder. I love the smell of Jasmine, it's so calming, yet refreshing, so I decided to pick this up! I can't say I've ever found the need to use talc outside Halloween or drama performances though, so I don't know if I'll get much use out of it. But either way, it has a lovely bottle which looks great on my shelf haha!

2) The Body Shop 'Tea Tree Oil'
Ooooo... tea tree oil. It's not the most exciting thing in the world I am aware of that, but I absolutely love this stuff. Somehow I'd managed to lose my old one, and whilst I was having a look around The Body Shop to buy a lip balm (next product) anyway, I figured I might as well pick another bottle up. It's just tea tree oil, you don't need to get it from The Body Shop, but as I said I was there, it's £7 for 10ml (enough to probably last a year at least) and I trust the brand and its ingredient sourcing methods.

3) The Body Shop 'Wild Argan: Solid Oil Lip Balm'
I had actually previously purchased this item not that long ago in a Christmas set The Body Shop was selling (which can be viewed here), but ended up giving it to a friend as she was lusting to try some of the range and I was totally devoted to my Elizabeth Arden 'Eight-Hour-Cream' at the time and not wanting to try anything new - or waste anything for that matter! Since, my friend has given this huge praise and recommended it for times when I have a smaller bag and the large Arden tube is just a bit too much to carry around. I haven't had chance to try this yet but I'm very much looking forward to it after all its raving reviews!

4) The Body Shop 'Vitamin E Eye Cream'
I didn't mean for this haul to be so Body Shop heavy... but I guess that just shows how much I love the brand! haha. This was a repurchase for me, and I'll be honest I didn't really need another as I still have half of my last to go but I felt like treating myself so I did. Simples. I have sort of a love/hate relationship with this eye cream - it's what I reach for each day but on particularly cold days it doesn't quite do the job in preventing my concealer from drying up. Nonetheless, I really do enjoy using this product most of the time, particularly on those days when I'm not wearing any make-up as I really find it has helped combat my dark circles (only a tad, but still) and is very lovely and refreshing to use in the mornings! 

So that's it now... I'm not allowed to do any more shopping! *weeps*. I know it wasn't that much but, as I've said before, I'm really working hard to get through my stash before going on any vast shopping sprees and I AM trying to save as much as I can at the moment now that I'm on a mission to move to New York, so I suppose it's the perfect excuse really! I really hope you enjoyed these little hauls and let me know what your thoughts are if you've checked out any of the items before!
Hannah x


  1. I really need a new eye cream and this vitamin E one sounds really great! I love the body shop too, great post! :) x

  2. I love tea tree oil too, so good for spots! The eye cream sounds lovely too :) xx



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