Monday, 23 March 2015

Five Things | I Love About Spring

Hello everyone! I’m currently approaching the end of my undergraduate degree at University of London, and so it’s been quiteeeeee a stressful time as of late – but the changing weather, blooming flowers and gorgeous fresh air have really helped lighten my spirit, and have definitely put me in a far better mood, so I thought it would be fun to share with you five things that I've been absolutely loving about the start of Spring!

1. Fresh flowers - Now it's no secret that I am an absolute sucker for a bunch of fresh flowers in the house, but when they suddenly surround me everywhere I go? Yes please! They really help to revitalise my mood and almost transform those dull, cold, miserable 8AM walks to uni to something bright and a lot more enjoyable. Right now the pathways are littered with daffodils, and that makes me so happy.

2. The smell of freshly cut grass - I never realised I actually enjoyed the smell of freshly cut grass so much until the other morning where I was like, 'Oh my gosh, THE SMELL OF SPRING!'. The feel of the sun on my skin and the potent smell of green everywhere I went felt so invigorating, and proved a fabulous start to the day! (Until my hayfever went a bit crazy but hey ho where there are smiles there must be tears).

3. Sunglasses - YES. IT'S FINALLY SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE TO START WEARING SUNGLASSES IN ENGLAND AGAIN! I love wearing sunglasses - they make me feel so much more put together and I like that people can't look straight into my eyes and what seems like delve into the depths of my soul (as it feels a lot of the time on the morning train). Whenever I wear my sunglasses, I like to fool myself into thinking that I'm on my way to Brighton beach or something equally as pleasurable - whilst the sunglasses are on, the only thing that is in my mind is: sun, beach and bright blue slushpuppies. 

4. Brighter mornings and longer evenings - I think this would make the cut in anyone and everyone's top five things in all honesty. There is no doubt in my mind that waking up and catching a bit of vitamin D on the way to work can only help brighten up the rest of your day. Whilst I absolutely love winter, I can't stand how tired the short dark days make me. I was forever wanting to go to bed at 5pm reflecting the pitch black outside but now I feel as though I can get twice as much done which is just fab and extremely encouraging! 

5. Smiley faces - I honestly think that everyone suffers seasonal affective disorder to a certain extent, because suddenly, the sun has popped its hat on and everyone has gone back to their jolly friendly ol' selves that we last saw during Christmas and the New Year! I think it's so easy to feel down when you look out the window and all you can see are dark skies, strong cold winds and rain ready and waiting to torment your future self as you attempt to go about your day. Everything is so much easier to do when you don't have to deal with getting soaking wet toes or runny eyes in the cold wind, and it just seems so make everyone, and I, so much happier! I've had so many conversations with complete strangers just in a good enough mood to want to start conversation with me and that really makes my day.

I really hope you enjoy this little entry from me, and as always, make sure to tell me what you love about Spring in the comments below!

I'm also super excited to say that I've written this post in collaboration with the beautiful Nicola from 'Perfect Peonies'. As always, I wouldn't recommend anything whether that be products, life tips or blogs unless I really thought you'd like them. I honestly love Nicola's blog so much and feel that it deserves a lot more love - so make sure to go over to: and check out what she's been loving about Spring too!
Hannah x

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