Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mothers Day | Gift Guide

I absolutely love Mothers Day. I really enjoy having an excuse to treat my mum to some special goodies that I know she'll love, whether that be her favourite flowers (I'm planning on FILLING the house with daffodils!), or her favourite perfume that she's running low on. Clearly, I don't know you or your mum, and I'm not saying everyone will love these gift ideas, but these are just a few of the things that always come to mind for me and things that, from experience, have gone down pretty well with my mum at birthdays/Christmas'/Mothers Day!

Now, I don't know about yours but my mum is absolutely obsessed with perfume. She loves such a wide range, but a very specific type (of course). I always think that perfume is a lovely gift to get someone - its a luxury, and a treat that people don't usually justify buying for themselves so that's why I always think that it's a great gift idea - especially for mothers day! It like, hey mum, you're fabulous, so you deserve something fabulous to make you smell EVEN MORE FABULOUS. 

Ok ok, so perfumes can be pretty expensive most of the time, and I could never have afforded to treat my mum to her painfully high taste when I was out of a job or at school so what's the alternative? A fantabulous candle that's what! In my eyes, Mothers Day is all about bright, colourful, floral and Spring filled things so a fresh, sweet smelling candle is the perfect way to brighten up someone's day, and remind them that Summer is on the way! (oh I'm a poet and I KNOW IT). 

A Five-Year Journal
I absolutely love these journals. The idea behind them is to encourage you to write a simple sentence about your day, each and every day, for the next five years. It's so fun to look back and see the little strange things that you jotted down but totally forgot, and, of course, to see what you were up to this time last year! I bought my mum the above version from Waterstones for Christmas and she's been raving about it to all her friends since. I think they make a great gift for anyone and everyone in all honesty, because not only does it look cute on your bedside drawer, but its fun and practical too!

Hand Cream 
Once again, I always think hand creams are a lovely treat, particularly for the women in our life! I sort of jumped straight to the fancy end of this category when I saw this amazing bargain on Escentual (here). Ohhhh my goodness, this Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream set is not only packaged in an extremely beautiful, illustrated box that made my mum squeal (Sort of gave her an early present this year!), but it's better than HALF PRICE, and contains twelve amazing, alternative hand cream flavours/scents. I think this is such a luxury gift that would make anyone's mum's face ache with huge smiles, and it's totally affordable too!

& that's everything! I really hope you enjoyed this little gift guide from me, and if you have any further ideas - make sure to share them with everyone else in the comments below!
Hannah x


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