Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Last Coursework Hand-in

How typical is it that I only think of the concept of logging a 'uni diary' on here just as I'm finishing my undergraduate degree?? Either way, leaving university is probably the time where I'll have the most to say. Everything's changing, I'm experienced, I can look back - whilst also looking forward. This is an exciting yet absolutely terrifying time, and I want to write down how I'm feeling about it all.

On Thursday I had my last ever coursework hand-in which was so surreal. I don't think I've ever once experienced this feeling of not having to worry or think about that essay about psychogeography coming up or that lab assignment I need to finish. That's it! Done! On Thursday morning I have to admit I was pretty freaked. I think it was the most stressed I had got about a piece of work this entire year (including my dissertation hand in) so that's saying a LOT. It was just the thought of 'oh goodness, this is actually IT', the last piece. I think it feels so strange because it honestly feels as though it were yesterday that I was hastily making final edits to my first ever uni essay, and I can't believe how much I've progressed between then and now... because it really doesn't seem that long at all!

Obviously once I get a job I'll have work and deadlines to commit to, but it's different. I have deadlines that I set myself for my blog even, which is a whole other thing. I can't see myself writing 3000 words about the progression of Chinese politics again any time soon which is what I'm trying to say.

I feel pleased with the work I've submitted this year, and I only hope that I can match the same standard in my exams. This is in fact the first year where I managed to maintain an average of a high 2.1/low 1st and that's SO exciting. I really feel like I know what I'm doing now, and I've been enjoying it so much more which I feel has incontrovertibly contributed to my higher grades this year. I've also managed to maintain my anxiety a whole lot more too, and I will be writing a post about that in the near future so I won't go to much into it, but lets just say when you don't have this immense anxiety and stress about even thinking about starting a piece of work, let alone actually doing it and handing it in, it makes life a whoooooole lot easier. 

I feel proud of myself. There were no tears (apart from the ONE time when the printers wouldn't work on the morning of my dissertation hand in haha), I didn't make myself ill with stress like I have done in the past and even though this last piece that I just submitted wasn't a strong point of mine, it turned out to be a lot more enthralling than I had initially anticipated - so at least I now know that I won't completely flop it!

I've been very much enjoying myself these past few days, not having to think about next weeks deadline, and that feels great. At the same time I'm also starting to get excited about the upcoming revision for my exams which I will start Monday. I know that sounds absolutely insane but I love delving back into things that I might not necessarily remember as well as I did last term, and it really helps feed my interests. Finally, I'm also looking forward to finally being able to dedicate more time to my blog, which I am absolutely ready for and I'm very much looking forward to what I've got planned - and I hope you are too! 

I know that a lot of people at university/college are still at the peak of their deadline period, so I just wanted to say, you CAN do it. You will do it, & it'll be magical. Stay positive!
Hannah x

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