Monday, 30 March 2015

New LUSH Goodies! | Haul

Eeeeeeeeeeeeep! Oh I do love a good ol' LUSH haul! I realised that I hadn't shared one with you for quiteee a while now, and had just picked up these goodies in town the other day so I figured now was the perfect opportunity! (Besides, how could I not get a few snaps of the almighty golden egg??) If you'd like to hear my reasonings behind each purchase - keep on reading!

'Ultrabland' cleanser | £11.50 (100g) 

This is now my second pot of this gorgeous cleanser which is saying a lot! Usually I'm one to swap and change my cleansers quite frequently but after having used this for the past few months non-stop, I am definitely classing this as a staple product for me now. & so I bought another to stand guard whilst I'm on my last few uses of my old one! I will be blogging a review of 'Ultrabland' THIS Friday, so if you'd like to hear more, stay tuned!

'Mask of Magnaminty' face and body mask (sample)
I've tried a sample of this fresh mask from LUSH before, (you can read my first impressions of it here) but as I say in my first impressions post, I didn't want to purchase a big pot because I was a little apprehensive at the short shelf date and I had only just purchased a lot of other masks from my New York trip. My skin has been behaving a little strangely lately, and products it used to love are aggravating it as well as some days waking up with terribly oily skin, whilst other days I have very dry skin. I value how many fresh, natural ingredients LUSH use in their masks so I decided to pick up a sample to see if it could help me out where other products are failing right now. The lady in store also very kindly gave me a sample of the self-preserving version of the mask too so that I could compare them and see which one I preferred!

'Golden Egg' bath bomb melt (x 2) | £3.75 each
The 'Golden Egg' bath bomb melt is probably my most favourite bath product that I discovered last year - so I think it's safe to say that I am beyond pleased that LUSH brought this back for another Easter collection! I only wish they would make it part of the permanent collection, I mean, why not? It's gorgeous to look at, smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth that I think anyone and everyone would continue to purchase this beauty all year round (I know I would!). If you want to, you can read a first impressions review that I wrote last year here (I apologise in advance at how frequently I use 'however'...). I have bought two as you can see above, but I'm so tempted to buy more before Easter is over because they're just that gorgeous! 100% recommend. 

& there you have it! I have to admit, I am contemplating going back in store to pick up a few more goodies such as the 'Pot O' Gold' shower jelly and 'Charity Pot' body lotion - so if you have any recommendations please do let me know in the comments below! It's revision season, I'm allowed to treat myself ;) hehe.
Hannah x

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