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The 5 Product Face | FOTD

Hellooooo! I'm super excited to share that I, alongside nine other bloggers, are part of a 'Less Is More' campaign, where we create a look using only five products (skincare not included), share it with you, and then discuss how we feel about it! Admittedly - I don't really wear much more than five things on my day-to-day face anyway, that is, if I'm wearing any make-up at all. If you've read my 'Self Confidence In Appearance' post (here), you'll know that I've only very recently began to feel a little more comfortable with regards to posting pictures of myself on my blog, so the #lessismore campaign came round at a great time, and I'm thrilled to be involved! (eeek here goes!)

Sometimes, I feel that beauty blogs, magazines and TV aderts like throw out this impression that it's somewhat normal to only really feel comfortable leaving the house with perfectly concealed dark circles, sharply filled in eyebrows and any redness or other imperfections hush hushed beneath a layer of 'perfect'. I'm here to show you that, using less products can often add a lot more interest to your face and that it's actually quite easy to manipulate your selected products to do more for you and your look, all without breaking the bank! 

I've appropriated the #lessismore campaign a little differently to others thus far, and rather treated it as a 'challenge', to see if I could achieve, what I personally would consider, quite a bold yet wearable look - without the need to use a billion products to get it to work! I'm not one to wear a bold lip, as I often find them pretty intimidating, but I'm really happy with this look as I felt the bright orange-toned red added a great burst of colour to my otherwise natural face. I hope you like the look too, and if you'd like to know what five make-up items I used, then keep on reading!

1) Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 'Ivory 01' - As I wasn't going for any blush or concealer, I really didn't want to use anything too high coverage as my base otherwise that would just look very plain and just, 'flat' I suppose? What I love about this foundation is half a pump can be spread across the face and still manage to brighten up and somewhat even out the complexion. However, if you did want more coverage, its wonderfully build-able! On my skin, I also find it's enough to counteract the greeny/blue tones of my under eye circles, which I think really helped in making me look far more awake than I actually was after a long day at uni which is always a plus haha! This foundation possesses a lovely glow, which I think is perfect for all year around but especially Spring, as it makes you and your skin look a lot more healthy and fresh!

2) Tarte eyeshadow in 'Marvelous Mocha' - I lightly brushed this shadow through my eyebrows to help define them a little more, and in place of an eye-liner also - which I then lightly blended up towards the outside of my crease to add a little more dimension to my eyes. I love lining my eyes with a deep brown eye shadow as it looks a lot less harsh than a black liner, but is still prominent enough to add to and emphasise your eyes! Also, I think having your liner and eyebrows the same shade can very subtly help those definitions look a lot more natural and 'put together' (well I hope so anyway!), which is another reason why I tend to stray away from harsh black liner.

3) Tarte 'Lights, Camera, Lashes' Mascara - If you have seen my recent haul post (here), you will know that this is hands down my favourite mascara, and has been for the past year or so. I have very stubborn, straight, short lashes and what I love about this mascara is it doesn't faff around in trying to curl or volumise them, it just beautifully defines and elongates the lashes which I think is great when you're going for a simple, fuss free look. 

4) The Body Shop 'Honey' Bronzer in Shade 02 - I absolutely adore this bronzer and have done for a very long time now! It's honestly so beautiful, natural, and can be very easily built up to suit your hearts desire when it comes to bronzing and/or contouring! If I'm going to wear one thing on my face, it would hands down always be bronzer as I think it helps shape, add dimension and interest to a face and it definitely makes me look a lot healthier! As you can see, on my eyes there is a lighter brown shade sweeped across the lid - guess what? It wasn't an eyeshadow! I don't know why people always think that you can't put something that's intended for your face near your eyes or vice versa - I think adding a bit of bronzer is a great way to add depth to the eye and is a very subtle way of going about it!

5) Maybelline colorsensational lipstick '530 Fatal Red' - I've never actually spoken about this lipstick on my blog before, despite it being one of my all time favourites to wear, so I do apologise for that because I tell you now, it is amazing. It was my first ever red and I absolutely LOVE lightly dabbing this on for a day to day tint, but for this look I just thought I'd go all out and pack it on straight from the bullet. I usually get too scared to work a bright red lip but sometimes I think its a great way to add a point of interest to your face when the rest of it is left to a minimum. 

So there you have it! My first ever 'face of the day' (FOTD) - using only five products! I really enjoyed creating this look with the 'less is more' idea in mind, as a lot of the time I think its very easy to think, oh goodness, I need a different product for each feature of my face - which of course isn't at all necessary and I hope that this look I've created and the tips I've shared with you today proves that. I really hope you enjoyed this as it's not something I've ever done before! If you'd like to see more 'FOTD's' from me then please do let me know in the comments alongside what five products you'd chose!
Hannah x

(ps. I am sorry that the photos taken were not of that high a quality - I really haven't been feeling too well lately and my foggy ill-brain meant that I completely forgot to take any photos of my face till a lot later on in the day when light and camera battery wasn't on my side! oh dear... haha)

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