Monday, 13 April 2015

My Handbag Essentials

I was aaaaaalways that person to carry around a bag bigger than the sun, always. I have no idea why when I look back because it gave me nothing but sore shoulders and a bad back. Since having sorted my back out after multiple (painful) sessions at physiotherapy, I've really tried to make sure that I carry around smaller bags, packing only what I feel I 'need' to have on me. I think the bag pictured above has to be the smallest bag I own and actually use, so I thought it would be a fun idea to show you what I carry around in it, and what I consider to be my handbag 'essentials'.

1. My phone. - I could quite happily go without a phone in all honesty but I always like to have it on me when I'm out the house just in case something happens. Sounds grim I know but when you grew up fainting every time you walked for longer than five minutes, you'd understand!

2. A pen. - It was uni that did this to me I swear. I can not leave the house without a pen anymore. I just always end up needing one whenever I don't have one in my bag, and never do when I do carry one on me, but at least I have it there just in case! It's the biro curse. 

3. Lipstick. - I'm not a huge lipstick wearer I'll have to admit. I do go through my phases, but I included it because if I am wearing something on my lips I feel as though I'd just be doomed if I leave the house without it! Recently I've been absolutely loving MAC's 'Capricious' lipstick.

4. Tissues & hand wipes. - Ok these are quite fancily packaged aha. Usually I'll have a pack of kleenex and a KFC hand wipe stashed somewhere at the bottom of my bag but I got these in a little Tumi 'flight bag' when I last went travelling and just rediscovered them in the side pocket so I thought I might as well picture them in this post! Anyway, I don't see how anyone can feel prepared leaving the house without these essentials. I think it's worth noting here too that I seem to always be the one to supply my friends with tissues/wipes/sanitiser when they're in need so I feel as though I have a duty to carry some with me haha.

5. Hand cream. - I never thought I'd see hand cream as a handbag essential but for the first time in my life, I've been suffering from pretty dry hands which NO. NO THANK YOU. So I like to carry a hand cream around with me to remember to reapply it throughout the day otherwise I'll just forget to and lets face it, nobody want to be getting dry hands now do they?

& that's it! I suppose I'd usually carry around some pain killers on me too, but other than that, I'm set to go!
What are your handbag must-haves?

Hannah x

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