Friday, 17 April 2015

Product Empties #1

I've said time and time again that 'Product Empties' have o be some of, if not my favourite posts to read. I love hearing what people generally think about a product after having had enough time to really test it out and use it in a range of scenarios - so I thought it only made sense that I blog one myself! I actually found I had quite a lot of empties so expect more in the near future, but for today I have the following to talk about!: 

1. Oral B Pro-expert mouthwash - I thought I'd include this because I have been going through these at the speed of lightning recently! I am obsessed with having a clean mouth, and trust me, I have tried a LOT of mouthwashes and this is just the best (for me anyway). I 100% recommend you pick this up if your mouthwash isn't quite doing it for you!

2. Sainsbury's eye make-up remover pads - I've had such bad hay fever recently and I accidently left the house the other day after forgetting to take any tablets and guess what? my mascara went everywhereeeee so I picked these up in a time of emergency. I'll certainly not be buying these again as you need at least a couple on each eye for them to get anything off and even then I still struggle! My 'Ultrabland' cleanser (by LUSH) and 'Camomile' eye make-up remover (by The Body Shop) are a billion times more efficient and you only need a few drops to get the job done with those!

3. Lush Ultrabland facial cleanser - I'm already digging deep into my second pot of this because it is absolutely wonderful and I have no idea what I'd do without it! You can read about why I love this little beauty so much here.

4. The Body Shop seaweed mattifying day cream - I really don't know how I feel about this moisturiser! It possesses a sort of gel-like consistency which I have to admit isn't really my cup of tea. Whilst I felt it did keep my face matte throughout the majority of the day, if I went to work and worked up a bit of a sweat the shine would still come through so I can't say I'll be repurchasing this!

5. The Body Shop skin clearing foaming cleanser - Once again, this is an absolute lifesaver for me and you can read about why here. In short, I hardly ever get spots, but when I do, they come deadly and strong and this is always what I'll turn to to get rid of the little rascals!

& there you have it! Have you tried out any of the above before? If so, what were your thoughts?
Hannah x

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