Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wise Wednesday #10

Hello everyone! I really hope you're having a good week and well, if you're not, don't worry, because we're half way there to the weekend! - Sound familiar? Recently I've been doing nothing more than dreaming of how great life will be once I've finished all my final year exams in a months time, so much so that I haven't been making the most out of the days I am leading now. Whilst I actually find revision an enjoyable, invigorating experience, to re-go over what I've learned and explore wider debates in the vast literature, it can prove extremely draining, tiresome, and most of the time presents itself as almost never-ending. I think that the constant pressure of upcoming exams and crossing off yet another day on your calendar is enough to get anyone at least a little down, so that's why I decided to choose this quote today, as I know a lot of you are in the same position as I am at the moment all stressed during this lead up to exams, but I also thought that it would also prove truthful for those of you who aren't as well. 

Whilst it's desirable and encouraging to think about all the things I'll have the time to do once I finish my exams, I decided to stop a few days ago now. I decided that, this is the moment, this is my time to really knuckle down and make sure I approach this last hurdle of my degree as best I can so that I can safely look back with no regrets, no matter what the results may be. Although, I felt that in order to stay motivated, I needed to stop perceiving the now as so miserable and daunting, and try to make something good and enjoyable out of each day. Since doing this I've had a much better time and I've found it so much easier to sit down and revise, because it is no longer the dominant, negative focus of my mind. Because I'm making sure to fill my day with other enjoyable tasks, when I actually come to revision, it now feels a lot less daunting, and I'm only experiencing the more positive aspects of it.

"Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead" can speak wisdom to us all that sometimes wish the day was over and done with, often before it's even started in some cases. I've really enjoyed adopting this new mindset and ensuring that I'm making the most out of my day, and to enjoy it, rather than pushing today and the foreseeable future to the side whilst I dreamingly think about the freedom of the post-exam period. Hopefully this quote will remind you to try and do this too! 

Good luck to everyone who does have exams and/or deadlines near-approaching!

Hannah x


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