Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wise Wednesday #9

This is the first week of revision for me. The first week of five before BOOM, exams. I have to admit... at this point, five weeks does seem a long way away, well, four and a half weeks now. But when I think back to how quickly the past few months have gone... well it's actually a scarily short time away from knocking on my door. The worst problem I have concerning university work and my anxiety is the stress, worry and anxiety just thinking about starting to do something. I suppose I'm standing at the start line, and the mountain of work I need to do just seems atrociously frightening right now; but then I realised that I can't get to that point where I need and want to be until I get over this stress and fear and just start. So yesterday I decided to get through everything on my 'To-Do-List', reply to all my e-mails, send off all the paperwork I needed to complete, organised any appointments and meetings all so that today I can just sit down with my brain, notes, library books, note cards (and apparently my cat), and hopefully spark what will be a successful week of revision! 
Wish me luck! 
Hannah x

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