Sunday, 3 May 2015

10 Things That Cheer Me Up When I'm Feeling Down

I'm not 100% sure why I've been feeling a little 'meh' lately, I think it's a mixture of exam stress, hormones, and not being in New York in all honesty. Either way, following my 'Wise Wednesday' post earlier this week, I thought it might be a fun little idea to list ten small things that help to cheer me up when I'm having one of those days that just needs brightening up!

1. Watch an upbeat film. Whether that be a comedy or a musical, they always manage to put a smile on my face! Personal favourites: Hairspray, Billy Elliot, Shallow Hal & Miss Congeniality.

2. Tidy up. This is a bit of an odd one I know, but I just feel so much more relaxed in a neat and clean environment! (Also, fresh bedding. Fresh bedding just makes life SO much better.) 

3. Write lists, and get shit done. Another odd one, but similarly to the previous point, I enjoy being able to relax; and not having to think about things that will need to be done at some point in the future definitely falls under that. I'd rather get things over and done with so as to not have to worry or think about having to do them! Undertaking anything productive, no matter how small always seems to put me in a better mood because I feel as though I've achieved more and I've come closer to making the most out of my day.

4. Listen to, terribly sing along to, and dance to old hits from the 80s & 90s. Come on (Eileen!... sorry) though, who doesn't like a bit of Abba??!

5. Laugh. I always ensure that I laugh at least a few times each day. What is the point in a day without any laughter or giggles? I recommend you get Snapchat if you don't already! My friends and I seem to have a jolly ol' tear-filled time almost daily haha.

6. Go outside, get some fresh air and go on a little walk. I absolutely love trees, I have this weird obsession with them and so whenever I see one I can't help but go weuifhwiuhgu inside. Don't judge me ok?? We all have those weird little loves in our lives and mine just happens to surround where I live so I always enjoy going out for a little walk! Hear hear to being easily pleased!

7. A bit of retail therapy. Now this is definitely a naughty one and I have to admit I haven't done this in a long long time as I found it a little sad that I found 'happiness' when shopping or even online browsing (and I know I'm not alone here!); but I think that its just in a woman's nature to squeal inside over a new lipstick, cushion or candle which brings me onto my next point...

8. Candles, candles, CANDLES! In my opinion, a good smelling environment is a happy environment. I've been absolutely loving burning 'Black Cherry' and 'Fruit Fusion' by Yankee Candle recently.

9. Stay away from the internet. This one is a little ironic seeing as I'm sat here on my computer, on the internet, writing this, but I don't often include 'blogging' when I think of the internet. I love to discover new bloggers, read new posts and write my own, so it always cheers up my mood when doing those things, but sometimes I really just can't deal with Facebook, the constant notifications on my phone and people stressing me out. Don't get me wrong, I'm always more than happy to discuss things with and offer advice to people if they're having a bit of a rough time, but when its revision time and I'm already stressed out about numerous things, the last thing I need right now is someone telling me all about their dissertation troubles or needlessly unloading their stress on me. It just stresses me out, and I really don't need it!

I also find that if I'm in a bit of a drab mood, I can easily spend my entire day aimlessly wondering through the internet, and I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this. I always end up shutting down my computer with a sense of dissatisfaction as it is only then that I realise how much time I wasted doing practically nothing all day. I always feel a LOT more cheerful and happy when I'm away from my computer, phone or anything that makes a buzzing noise when you throw water on it basically. Well, apart from the toaster. A girls gotta have her Nutella on toast!

10. Stretch, meditate, and attempt doing some yoga before dying of the cold. (I am definitely not enjoying these cold days again!!!!). The last thing anyone needs when they're having a bad day is an achy back, headache or any other physical complaints. I use days like this to really delve into my physiotherapy exercises, take my time completing my stretches and small work out exercises in the hope to further strengthen my body so that future days seem like less of a drag. I particularly find this useful when I'm sitting down for long periods of time to revise - the cold really does make my back so stiff! 

Yay! I already feel a lot better after having written this post (being the list lover that I am!) and it's reminded me of those little things that help to cheer me up that are too easily forgotten at times. I hope you enjoyed this entry from me and perhaps it reminded you too of the small changes that you can make to your day in order to brighten it a little further!

What do you do to cheer yourself up? 
Hannah x

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