Friday, 29 May 2015

Music Favourites Right Now

Seeing as I've decided to blog each day this week, I thought I'd take advantage and to try to incorporate a few different styles of posts that I don't often feature on here. I'm not really a huge music listener (ear troubles), and I mostly couldn't care less about what's going in the charts really. For me, true quality music seems to be quite often overlooked, which I think is a great shame, and I wish more people would share those little gems they love so dearly with the rest of us! So today, that is exactly what I am going to do. The following three songs form a mixture of both new, and long loved discoveries, and I have had these continuously on loop whenever I'm online lately, so much so that they've sort of formed the background music to my life right now! haha. I really hope you enjoy checking their music out, or are at the very least introduced to some new songs and/or artists that you may not have heard of before. & I'd love to hear what songs you've been especially loving recently too, so make sure to leave them in a comment below!
Hannah x

'Premonitions' - Vaults
[ ] +Vaults 

'Jaigantic' - Tora
[] +ToraMusic 

'Moondust' - Jaymes Young
[ ] 


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