Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wise Wednesday #11

As some of you may know (after seeing my screams of joy all over on Twitter), I sat the last exam of my undergraduate degree last week, making this my first week as an 'inbetweener'.  Sorry I just couldn't resist! haha. I refuse to label myself a graduate until the day of my graduation ceremony, so right now, I rather feel as though I'm stuck in an inbetween, and it feels very strange to say the least. I even had a panic attack the other night after dreaming that I had forgotten about an exam! It's so strange to be put under so much stress, then poof! It's all gone. I'M FREE! But... what now? If you haven't read my blog focusing on why it's ok to not know what you want to do in the future, you can do so here. I was watching Mary Poppins not all that long ago and this quote 'popped in' (hehe) to my head, and reminded me to reread that post, which once again reassured me that it is ok to chase your dreams, or to simply 'let' things happen.

I have so many friends that have been an utter state this week. Scared and worried that they don't have a job, terrified that they'll forever be unemployed. Some have even jumped at applying for a Masters course that they're not even all that keen on, and why? because quite simply, they don't want to leave the safety bubble that is university. You're set tasks, given goals and methods to improve. University gives your week a purpose, and it's the main thing you structure everything else in your life around; so for that key part of your life to be thrown out the window so suddenly, it certainly has proved extremely intimidating, almost isolating really. Strange. For a lot of people it's the first time they're actually 'free' to do whatever they want, yet, that comes along with an ascending feeling of entrapment and aloofness as each day passes.

I've decided to label the next year as a 'gap year', as I never took one before I went to university. After this, if I do achieve my anticipated grades (fingers crossed!), I'm planning on taking a Masters, which I'm hoping I can save up for throughout this next year so that I don't run myself into even more debt. I absolutely love working, and I absolutely love studying, so I'm extremely happy with this decision. I'm not rushing or jumping into anything out of panic. I've really thought it through and given myself even more time to really figure out what I would like to do, at least, in the near future. I want to learn new skills and dedicate some time towards new hobbies such as learning French (eek I know!), and spend time doing all the things that I wanted to do but never felt I could really commit myself to due to uni demands. 'Go and chase your dreams, you won't regret it. Anything can happen if you let it', and so I'm letting it. I'm not going to let fear of the unknown push me into something that could raise a barrier to anything else coming along. I don't want to jump into something that isn't really for me because I want another year to think things over. The time is now, and for the first time ever in my life I'll be free to do whatever for the next year and that's so exciting to me, and I definitely don't think that I will regret it.

Right now? My main goals are to clear out my room (an extensive task, believe me), blog more, perhaps start a Youtube channel to inject some more creativity into my week, continue to self study (I know, but I really do love it!), get a part time job so that I can save up, travel a little, start to write my book which I have been dying to do for so long now, improve my health by eating better and exercising more, and just be a happier person! 

I really hope that you're all well and having a great week, and I'll see you tomorrow! 
Hannah x

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