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Blog Post Ideas For When You're Fighting Bloggers Block

As you'll be able to tell from my archives (over there >), I didn't really Blog much at all this Summer. It wasn't because I didn't want to, because ooh I wanted to. I was just initially far too busy, here, there and everywhere each day with a billion and one forms and applications to fill out and send off; but after that? I got a good ol' case of 'Bloggers Block'. I'm not sure if there's an actual definition for this, but the way I've interpreted it is to describe those moments when you'd like to blog... you're sat at your computer, camera battery fully loaded and memory cards emptied, ready to go, yet the final clog in your brain is about a centimetre away from it all becoming one functioning grand clock. I have to admit, I really did struggle to get back into things. But now I'm back with full force and actually Blogging everyday which at the time, I never thought I'd be able to do! So today I thought it would be a fun, and hopefully helpful idea to share with you some blog post ideas that are perfect for when you're trying to get back into the gist of things and/or are fighting that torturous 'Bloggers Block'. 

1. Share a list
I often find writing lists extremely motivational. Whether it's covering your To Do's for the week ahead, your current wish list or what you're currently aspiring towards - not only will writing it help to motivate you write more, but perhaps it'll motivate others too! Write a list telling us about what has made you smile lately, your top five films, what you'd like to achieve before the end of the year - anything really! For example, I recently listed 10 things I'm looking forward to in Autumn (LINK). Not only are they easy to do, easy to type up, and will go with absolutely any picture (I usually opt for a groovy flower picture when in doubt), but It'll inject a little more 'you' in there. Which leads me onto...

2. Tell us something about you
Now this may be a given, but telling us stories/facts etc. about you is probably one of the simplest, most efficient Blog posts to produce; and I don't think that neaaaarly enough people take advantage of this. If people are reading your blog, or you're trying to entice people to keep on reading - tell them a little about you. It'll add character to your blog and put a personality to the name! A simple example would be my '20 Facts About Me' post (LINK) which went down extremely well with both me and my readers.

3. Answer some Tag questions
Some people are big on tags, others, not so much. Either way, tying in with the last point - Tags sometimes inspire us to talk about things, and share things about ourselves that perhaps we wouldn't have thought of sharing before. They're a fun little post to do, and they can help you to reconnect with other Bloggers and your readers too if you've been feeling a little 'out of things'. I was extremely excited to be tagged in the 'Starlight Blogger Award' Tag (LINK) just as I was starting to get back into things again; and I found it really helped me re-engage with my Blog and it's readers.

4. What has been inspiring you lately? Tell us!
Whether it be other Blogs, Bloggers, an artist, a book, the news, current fashion trends - tell us what's been inspiring your mood and your thoughts. Not only is that a fun thing to share, but it also lets your readers know a little bit more about the mood you've been in lately, and shares the love even further, bringing more attention to those little gems you've been really digging recently. Even though I have suffered from Anxiety and panic attacks for a long while now, I found the more frequent panic attacks I was suffering over the past month or two inspired me to focus on what it is that helps me relax and calm down after having an attack (LINK). It's probably now one of my favourite posts I've ever written, and I think it'll be great to look back on!

5. Haul that sh**!
It's undeniable that we live in a consumer orientated society nowadays. Whether you're a beauty, fashion, lifestyle, book or food blogger, I'm sure there is something you've bought recently/within the past few months that you could show us! Why did you buy it? How are you liking it thus far? - Tell us! I have no idea why people find hauls and seeing what other people have purchased so interesting (I included), but they really are to a lot of people. Plus, drawing on a range of items and talking about them will prove especially helpful if your Blog usually covers more individual, in-depth product reviews. Most recently I blogged a Oxford St. Lush haul (LINK) - which I felt worked as a great stepping stone from posting almost nothing, to attempting to write any in-depth, sole product reviews.

& there you have it! Personally, I feel that these types of Blog entries aren't all that intimidating to approach, which is perfect if you have been suffering from a lil' case of Bloggers Block and are struggling to work your way back into things. I know it's difficult, (trust me), but you will get there. Just give it time and I'm sure your blogging mojo will be back to it's good ol' self in no time!

I really hope you found this post helpful (I certainly did!), and I'll see you tomorrow!
- Hannah x

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  1. I find it easier when I plan ahead and note several blog titles. It takes a while to think on the day of drafting. At times, my blog delves off meaning my title changes but I have no problems with this.


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