Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lush Oxford Street Bath Bomb Haul

As any fellow Lush lover (or not) probably now knows, the Oxford Street store sells a huge range of brand new, exciting products that haven't yet hit the shelves nation or worldwide. Intrigued, I popped along to the store to check out what they had in store, and picked out quiteeeee a few items (oops!) so I have decided it best to split those into separate posts. Today, I thought I'd show you some of the new and exclusive bath bombs that I picked up, as I know they tend to be peoples' favourites when it comes to Lush items - so lets hop right into it! (left-right, top-bottom).

First we have the 'Guardian of The Forest' bath bomb. I have to say straight away that my favourite thing about this bath bomb is it's name. It just makes me think of a magical forest filled with woodland creatures roaming around an enchanted forest at dusk... eww. now I'm just thinking of Voldemort sucking out a unicorns blood - nasty!!!! aha. The design of this one too is pretty unusual for Lush's products. The detailing is very intricate, showcasing a foliage/vine effect which I think is just amazing and suits the bath bombs nature-orientated theme perfectly. Lush have described this bath bomb as transforming your bath into a 'mystical oakmoss and forest lagoon', and from the scent I really do think that that description will prove to be spot on. It smells like the fresh morning scent of damp moss - ok, that doesn't sound all that glamorous I'm sure! But I absolutely love anything natural so I'm really looking forward to using this. It is definitely unlike any other scent that I've ever experienced at Lush before, which is simply exciting in itself and I hope that it's a sign that Lush are planning to expand their current scent range at some point in the near future.

Secondly, I picked up the 'Intergalactic' bath bomb. Firstly, the look of this one is absolutely gorgeous, and you can just tell it's going to turn into something absolutely magical once it hits the water. What I found most interesting about this one other than it's unique design was it's scent. To me (I have quite a weird sense of smell, so bare with if I'm completely off) the immediate smell of this bath bomb is a typical soapy, clean smell that you'd expect from a new bar of pears soap. However, there are some unusual peppermint undertones also which is exciting as I don't think I've ever used a mint-infused bath product before, and I imagine that it'll prove quite invigorating. I'll be trying this one first I think!

Third is the 'Yoga Bomb' bath bomb. Ok, I'll be honest - I picked this one up because I absolutely love orange, and wanted something bright and zingy to add to my bath! Whilst I wouldn't say that the scent is all that orange-y (to me anyway, I have a very weak sense of smell), I imagine that it's one to really spark a real mood-changing scent once it hits the warm water. The name implies too that it'll be somewhat relaxing - which is always something I'm looking for when having a bath - so I'm especially looking forward to using this on an evening after a long, stressful, chilly Autumn day.

I really hope you enjoyed this little haul and do not fear; I will be Blogging a review and upclose pictures of each individual product (after I've had chance to use them of course)!

What bath bombs have you been eyeing up from the Oxford Street. store?
- Hannah x

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