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Dermatique Recuperating Cream* | Review

 Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to be writing a review for the Dermatique 'Recuperating Cream'* which was kindly sent to me to try out. Priced at £29.00 for 100ml, this generous tub of magic provides a beautifully refreshing, nourishing treatment to dry, sensitive skin. Dermatique is in fact a British brand, and the owners developed the range of products after discovering that their nine-month old daughter had Eczema. All of the products are targeted for those who have particularly sensitive skin (or not), and contain absolutely no parabens, mineral oils, perfumes, steroids, peanut oils (I'd never thought about nut allergies and skincare before!) and colours - making sure that any aggravating ingredients are kept to an absolute minimum - something which I find quite honourable, as it really is just pure goodness in a pot that doesn't need any worrying about.

I myself don't actually suffer from Eczema or other particularly intense skin conditions, however I do suffer from Keratosis Pilaris (KP) on my arms which is what I intended to use this product for. KP is a very common skin condition which has been described as possessing the same look and texture as 'chicken skin' (delightful, I know); and often is accompanied by red bumps/blotches on the skin. If you would like to find out more information about the symptoms of Keratosis Pularis then you can access the UK's NHS condition guide here. After asking if this product will prove to be influential in helping relieve the symptoms of my KP, Dermatique actually informed be that the Recuperating Cream (<link) is not only extremely nourishing and soothing, but also contains a natural keratolytic named 'Urea', that aids in the sped up process of shedding the upper layers of skin. This, in turn, also dissolves excess skin build-up caused by Keratin overproduction - something especially perfect in the relief/treatment of Keratosis Pilaris, which is caused by a build up of too much keratin (a protein that is located in the touch outer layer of skin)in the skin's hair follicles - creating that rough, bumpy texture which over the years I've learned to accept, but also learnt to resent. 

Right - so onto the actual review! Firstly, I was honestly astonished by how rich this cream was. It possesses a beautifully thick texture, where you can just tell that each little swipe of the finger gathers a huge amount of goodness for your skin. As a result, I find that I honestly don't need much at all to cover the somewhat large surface area of my arms, and a little bit also goes a long way in terms of nourishment. When I first started using the Recuperating Cream, I felt that the main benefits I was seeing were concentrated on the outer layers of skin on my arms. However, soon enough, after daily use during a period of approximately a week, I found that with each new day that passed with another layer of cream applied, the deeper it would seep into the skin. 

After having used this cream for several weeks now my arms feel so much softer than I ever can remember, and whilst all the redness and bumps haven't totally gone, there has been a relief in those symptoms as well as the sensitivity I sometimes feel in the cold weather. Actually, because this cream is jam packed with so much goodness, it does mean that it can take a while to fully soak into the skin: and not at all in a greasy way. Rather, it provides an incredibly refreshing, soothing barrier between the outer layer of your skin and the outside environment, which I have found to be extremely beneficial now that the harsh winter weather has descended upon us in England. I know that some people don't really like the feeling of a thick cream sitting on the skin, but personally I really do enjoy that aspect, as I feel the cream is a lot more long lasting and I'm gaining more benefits from using it. If you have a skin condition that leads to sensitive skin, I think that that feeling would prove especially comforting to you too.

Overall, whilst the Recuperating Cream by Dermatique hasn't magically ridden my arms of my Keratosis Pilaris, it has made the physical feel of the surface of my skin much smoother and nourished, as well as deep down into the skin. Additionally, it has helped to calm down any redness which is just brilliant as I usually suffer from worsened redness (almost purply) when the colder weather comes. So not only do I feel that the Recuperating Cream is helping to rid some of the symptoms, but I also I feel as though it's preventing the condition in getting any worse, which is just fabulous. Not only are the physical benefits just flawless, but having used this cream and seen such benefits within the space of just a few weeks (for a condition I've had for years and years now), has made me a lot more hopeful that perhaps it can totally go one day, and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin now which is just a priceless feeling in my eyes. Thus: would I purchase/repurchase? Absolutely. Even if you don't have a skin condition that needs treating or calming, I'd still recommend the Recuperating Cream by Dermatique as it's so long lasting, you get a loooot of product for the money, and it's honestly filled to the brim with absolutely fantastic, natural, beneficial ingredients! The perfect new winter essential.

- Hannah x

*This is not a paid for advertisement, although this post does contain items that were very kindly gifted to me to review by Dermatique. Nevertheless, all opinions speak from my own experiences of using this product, and I would only ever recommend or praise a product if I genuinely felt it deserved such recognition.

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