Monday, 7 December 2015

10 Things I Do Everyday: No.2

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would keep it simple, and write a second instalment sharing ten of the things that I seem to be finding myself doing on a daily basis! Ah... what an interesting, exciting, unpredictable life I lead. Nevertheless, sometimes it's interesting to focus on and highlight those things that we usually overlook as a 'normality'.

1. Stay in bed a few minutes past my alarm (oops!)
2. Take the warmest (aka hottest) shower possible.
3. Spend extra long drying my hair to keep as warm as poss. during these chilly mornings!
4. Snuggle in a cosy (preferably fluffy) jumper. For example, right now? I am much comfy. 
5. Think about how much I love Autumn and Winter, and smile at the fact it's finally here.
6. Get through at least half a uni reading.
7. Plan Blog posts, because, yaas.
8. Snuggle up and think about life and where it's heading.
9. Write... anything. Whether it be a To-Do-List, a Blog entry or an essay, I'm always writing.
10. Watch my fish whilst I sit at my desk (it's surprisingly relaxing!).

What are some of the things you do everyday?
- Hannah x

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