Sunday, 31 January 2016


'New Year, Fresh Start, New Me'... Sound familiar? Whilst I don't feel it 100% necessary to wait until January 1st to commit to new goals and aim to be a more improved you, I do feel that towards the end of 2015, things in my life started to move in a way as to imply what I hope to achieve and get out of 2016. I think it goes without saying that I didn't manage to finish Blogmas, but you know what? I'm a full time post-graduate student that had just been diagnosed with two chronic conditions - that was trying to deal with the pain and flare ups of those conditions, alongside having to cope with quite a few bad diagnosis' within the family as well - all whilst trying to submit ten thousand words worth of coursework before mid December and a further twelve by January (...AHHHH). So, whilst I'm absolutely gutted I didn't get to the finishing line, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Perhaps it was a little irresponsible of me to say I'd commit to something that, looking back, I know I could never have achieved, but at the time I didn't know that December would prove to be such a hectic month. I mean, before I knew it it was Boxing Day and left-overs curry time?! Whaaaaaa-??? Where the time flies I'm honestly not sure I'll ever understand. Either way, as I felt I was a little too busy to prepare for Christmas, it gave me a lot of time to mull over the things I'd like to do, or rather, like to be in the year of 2016. Whilst I will be sharing with you my 'resolutions' at some point in the near future, today I wanted to sort of introduce what I hope 'Hannah Delacour' will turn to be in 2016.

Now, I'm not saying you'll never see a product review or a Lush haul ever again, but recently I've really started to think more about what it is that I'd like to focus on, and I feel it only right to structure my Blog and it's content in a way as to suit those perhaps new and more profound interests of mine. I've never been one that could contemplate to sticking to a niche, and that's about to become a whole lot more noticeable as I work to categorise and create a distinctive schedule. I suppose the only thing now would be to share with you where I am with my thoughts regarding the Delacour Blog, and what I believe I'll enjoy posting in the future:

1) Books
2) Stationery & Journaling
3) Beauty
4) Health (Mental, Physical, Dietary, etc.)
5) University
6) Lifestyle

Alongside this, as some of you may already know, I launched my first ever Youtube channel towards the end of last year and I aim to upload at least one video per week during the year of 2016. Whilst I'm still not 100% confident in showing my face on screen, I have a lot of ideas that I know I'll enjoy making and that I hope you'll like watching! You can find my account here (< link).

I'm also super thrilled to be launching the new design and layout of the Hannah Delacour Blog alongside this first entry, and I really hope that you find it easier to navigate around the site and that it perhaps feels a bit more 'put together'. It's really made me ever more excited about this year, and I can't wait to hop right into it, upload more frequently, and become a lot more interactive across social media too: so get following magic beans!
(A little late, I know... but it has to be said!) - Wishing you an absolutely wonderful start to 2016, and I'm sending you all the best vibes to have the best year yet!
Hannah x
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