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If there's one thing I love about the start of a new year, it's that it's the perfect opportunity to write some motivating lists of things you'd like to do, achieve and gain in the year ahead. I know you don't necessarily need to wait till the start of the year to do this, but I think we'd all agree that writing down a list of goals is just the motivational kick up the bum that we so need around this time of year. I absolutely love reading other people's goals for this reason too, so I thought I'd share a few of my goals for 2016 with you!

1) Lose weight. Right, so I'm not saying that I lead the healthiest lifestyle ever, but when I started to really exercise each day and eat a lot better, I noticed I wasn't losing the weight. This is one of the things that pushed me to go to the doctors that resulted in my diagnosis of PCOS. Turns out, the lil' beauty likes to make one store fat (yay), so I'm hoping that with the correct medication, and further concentrating that healthier lifestyle that I so long for, that I'll be able to get my weight down to something that makes me feel more comfortable and positive.

2) Save, save, save! No more spending for me! I was very lucky as to receive some absolutely amazing gifts for Christmas, and I 'treated' myself to quite a few things (oops) that I had been lusting over for forever once the sales came round, so I can't see anything that I will need or want any time in the near future. I graduate this year so I need to start focusing on saving up. I'm not exactly sure what I'm saving towards as of yet (I doubt I can save up for anything like a deposit or car whilst being a student), but I just want to save as much as I can whilst I'm still able to!

3) Get a job. Right. I've had jobs before, of course, but I've never had a 'proper grown up ahh scary wow this is amazing job' job. As I say, I graduate this year so it's more important than ever now to start looking around for what's best for me, and what I think will make me feel the most content and motivated with life this time next year... yikes!!?

4) Journal everyday. It's a resolution of mine to note down things more, whether that be significant memories or simply what I ate for dinner that day. Last year I did a terrible job at remembering to fill in my One Line A Day but I am ON IT this year people! (...Lets see how long that one lasts). Alongside this, I also aim to take a lot more Instax photos to remember more of those everyday memories that I somewhat neglected to capture last year.

5) Learn to drive. I couldn't drive for a long time due to medical issues, and since I was finally medically approved, I just haven't found the time or mental energy to learn! I have always said that I'd like to be able to drive by time I graduate as I just think it opens so many more doors, so that's the plan! Well... hopefully anyway! I also like that idea of freedom and mobility that otherwise I currently have to rely on others for; so I really am determined to achieve this goal before the year is up!

6) Launch a Youtube channel. I've been longing to start a Youtube for years now, but I always seem to find an excuse as to not click that upload button. I'm not an insecure person as such, but there is something about talking to a camera, ready to be exposed for potentially anyone and everyone to see and listen to your thoughts, that does frighten me. Maybe I'm over thinking things, I don't know. Either way, if not now, when? (You can subscribe to my channel here)

I think if I were to list alllll my goals for the year ahead we'd be here all day so I think I'll leave it there. I definitely feel that the main focuses for me this year are to improve my health, start planning and thinking more about the future, and to maintain and enhance my sense of mental well-being. I want to make more memories, record said memories as to have something to look back on when I'm older, and in the process of doing so just grow more into the person that I strive to become. 

What are some of your goals for 2016?
Hannah x

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  1. I love reading different peoples goals for the new year, I find they're so important because it gives you something to work towards! My main goal is to kick ass at revising, to make my nan proud of me! I hope you manage to achieve all your goals!
    Lauren xx


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