Friday, 5 February 2016

The February Reads

Books, books, boooooooks! I don't talk about books nearly enough on this Blog, but never fear all you fellow book lovers out there! I am determined to read a lot more this year, and so share a lot more bookish related posts with you along the way! Today I thought I'd start it off with something nice and simple, and share with you the three main books I aim to read during the following month.

1) 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky (LINK) - I absolutely love this book. Since reading it for the first time, I've leant it to so many friends and family time and time again because it truly is that wonderful... but you know what? I'm going to be a bit selfish now and keep this little beauty to myself for a much needed re-read. I love the innocence that is projected throughout the novel, and as I've said to anyone and everyone who has seen the film but hasn't read the book: Read. The. Book. PLEASE!! Whilst I love how quirky the film adaptation is, it actually missed out a lot of the key themes and emotional scenes that are covered within the book. This is a definite must read/re-read for me in 2016! & I'd go as far as to say that it is one of my all time favourites.

2) 'The Digestive Health Solution' by Benjamin I Brown* (LINK) - This book was kindly sent to me by Viridian Nutrition when they heard that 'Health' was soon going to become one of the key themes of my content here on Hannah Delacour. I really want to focus on leading a healthier lifestyle, and I feel that now is the perfect time to do some real research and start taking action. I don't have terrible bowel problems as such, but I do suffer from anxiety which can have a substantial effect in inducing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which, if you suffer it, you'll know isn't all too nice. I've already had quite a few flicks through this book and I'm very happy to see how informative it is, but that its style of writing holds a friendly, non-intimidating manner like some of the other medical/health related books I've read in the past. I'm very much looking forward to hopefully grasping some dietary and exercise tips from this book, and I will be sure to share them with you at some point in the near future if I do!

3) 'All My Friends Are Superheroes' by Andrew Kaufman (LINK) - I've decided that this lil' baby of a book is going to be my train book for this month, although, I do have a feeling that I'll get through it quite quickly. It's very short in length which I'm not really used to. Nevertheless, I've heard wonderful things about this book so I'm extremely excited to delve in and give it a go!

Right now, these are the reads that I have set out to read during February. I have quite a lot of university work and presentations to prepare for during this month so I didn't want to give myself anything too demanding knowing that I'll be working my way through a lot of academic readings (...yay) during these next few weeks. I'm excited though! A book down means a new adventure can begin.

What books are on your February To-Read list?
Hannah x

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