Thursday, 8 September 2016

Five Boomerang Products

Hey everyone! I am back, and I'm back for good. Lots has been going on... doctors/hospital appointments, ill family members, dissertations... you get the gist. Anyhoo, today I thought I'd take it simple as I work my way getting back into things again, and so I thought I'd share with you five of my 'boomerang products' - aka a fancy name for those products I always seem to turn back to and those that are surely missed each time I swap my skincare routine around.

1. Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream (link) < *AHHH it's only £5.99 at Boots right now!! *stocks up* - This is the first moisturiser I ever used back when my interest for skincare first sparked. Over half a decade later and I still always find myself turning to this bad boy. On those days where I want to know my skin will stay nourished but not turn greasy, or on days where I'm going for the best make-up possible - this is the product I always rely on. It's just so easy to smooth into the skin, contains SPF15 (which is an absolute must for me!), and sits under make-up perfectly. I've used this on acne-ridden, oily and then incredible dry skin over the years and it seemed to help a great deal with meeting the unique needs and demands of all those skin types. If you're first getting into beauty, or you're even a skincare pro, I'd 100% recommend picking up and trying out this moisturiser if you haven't already. Don't be put off by its low price! I've found this to be a lot more effective than a lot of high-end moisturisers! 

2. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Moisturiser* (link) - I'm actually going to be uploading a review focused solely on this product soon so I won't go on too much beyond that I honestly love this moisturiser on days where I don't plan on leaving the house (it doesn't contain SPF). Back in the heights of summer, my skin turned so incredibly dry which left some stubborn patches on my cheeks. Using this daily morning and night proved wonders, so I can't wait to see how it holds up during the winter months too! 

3. Lush Ultrabland Cleanser - (review) / (link) - This is that make-up remover that I'm always telling people to get a sample of when they're next in town. Unlike what seems to be almost everyone (?!), I find micellar water far too stripping on my sensitive skin (review). Thus cue: Ultrabland. It's just the perfect balm to remove even the most stubborn of make-up in no time at all. You just rub, swirl until everything on your face has been covered (totally safe around my sensitive eyes too yipee!), and wipe off with a damp flannel! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

4. Argan Oil - (link) / *(link) - Buy one get one half price* - Also another product I'm going to write a sole post on but whaaaaaaat why don't more people use argan oil as part of their daily routines?! It's incredible, and it's the one oil I've found to have the greatest benefits for my skin. No clogging, no greasiness, but all the hydration and nourishment needed. I can't see anyone not getting on with this stuff!

5. Caudalie Grape Water Spray - (link) / *(link) - Save 18% when you buy two* - As I mentioned in my last favourites post here, I never thought I'd be one of those people that uses a water spray. I just thought... what a waste of money! Oh how wrong was I. Since I started integrating this into my skincare routines, as well as for frequent refreshers during the day, my skin has turned from dehydrated-combination to pretty much normal (ps. Thank you to Balance Me for inviting me to have a consultation using a specialised fancy machine. It's so useful to know that my skincare routines are working and are having a positive effect even in the deep down layers of my skin!). I think this is one of those products that I'll just keep repurchasing from now on because after continuous use, you really get to appreciate it's longevity and the brilliant effects it can have. 

These are five moisturising/nourishing products that always seem to prop back up in my skincare routines no matter how far I stray. What are some of yours?

- Hannah. x

The above links are affiliate links. Fundamentally, all that means is that if you click on and buy through that link, I may receive a small commission for referring you to the product. This comes at absolutely no extra cost to you so don't worry! If you don't want to buy through the links, that's absolutely fine. If you do decide to however, then thank you for helping to support the Hannah Delacour blog! <3

Any products marked with a '*' have been very kindly gifted to me as press samples. These were not however gifted in exchange for a review, and this post is not at all sponsored. The product has been included purely because I love it and I just wanted to talk about it with you! 


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