Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Ah Autumn, how I've missed you! I've always known Autumn was my favourite season, but I hadn't realised just quite how much I had indeed missed its beauty until the start of October fell upon us. All of a sudden it seems the leaves are changing, the hedgehogs are roaming, the nights are near darkening and I craved nothing more than a lovely warm bath as the rain tapped against the windows all afternoon. Whilst I do have other bath products ready and waiting, I simply craved a fun, colourful Lush bath, and so popped down to the Oxford Street store to take a cheeky look at the recently released Halloween and Christmas collections. My oh my! The colours, the rich, warming scents, the glitter! I think I could have spent quite a bit in there but I decided it wise to stick with two things to stop me from going completely loose: Snow Fairy shower gel (1 litre thank you!) and a new product for this years Autumn/Winter range: the Pumpkin Bath Bomb...
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