Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Ah Autumn, how I've missed you! I've always known Autumn was my favourite season, but I hadn't realised just quite how much I had indeed missed its beauty until the start of October fell upon us. All of a sudden it seems the leaves are changing, the hedgehogs are roaming, the nights are near darkening and I craved nothing more than a lovely warm bath as the rain tapped against the windows all afternoon. Whilst I do have other bath products ready and waiting, I simply craved a fun, colourful Lush bath, and so popped down to the Oxford Street store to take a cheeky look at the recently released Halloween and Christmas collections. My oh my! The colours, the rich, warming scents, the glitter! I think I could have spent quite a bit in there but I decided it wise to stick with two things to stop me from going completely loose: Snow Fairy shower gel (1 litre thank you!) and a new product for this years Autumn/Winter range: the Pumpkin Bath Bomb...

Whilst I wouldn't state this as the most exciting-looking bath bomb that Lush stocks, the simplicity of it's traditional Jack O'Lantern design is what drew me to buying this. It is formed of a very lightly tinted orange, and quite cutely a glowing yellow through the 'carvings', looking like a calmly lit mini basketball. N'aww.

Whilst Lush describe the Pumpkin Bath Bomb as that which possesses a 'pumpkin pie scent', I'd have to disagree. For me, this bath bomb smells very much like my long-beloved Avobath Bath Bomb, coinciding with that deep yet subtle warmth of cinnamon. 

Upon entering the water it was clear that this was going to be a fast fizzer! As it dissolved, it initially spurted that pale orange colour that coats its surface, then suddenly... boosh! Bright yellow erupts, soon mixing and turning the bath water into a bright and fun fanta-like hue. As the internal yellow spread throughout the bath, the gorgeous scents of vanilla and cinnamon soon took over, slightly dimming that revitalising, almost sharp scent that Avobath possesses. Soon, a cosy, very Autumnal smell filled the room, and the scent lasted for about half an hour before it started to die down. What I loved even more however is that a ginger biscuit like smell clung to my skin for a few hours after drying, which kept me feeling warm and cosy throughout the rest of the chilly evening that awaited. It was only here where I would consider some accuracy in Lush's 'pumpkin pie' description, so perhaps this one would be one to smell in store before purchase if you get the chance.

Overall, whilst this was a fairly simple bath bomb, I felt it was the perfect choice to start getting and settling into the Autumn season. The smell wasn't as expected, but being someone who isn't all too fond of the more intense spicy scents, this was very much welcomed on my behalf. My skin wasn't left feeling moisturised as it does after other bath bombs of theirs which is a shame, but as I say, I did feel this very subtle layer of smooth warmth wrapped around me for a few hours which was simply delightful. I can't wait to try out more of the Autumn and Winter ranges!

What Lush Halloween products have caught your eye?

- Hannah x

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  1. Aww! Reading this made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I LOVE this Bath Bomb so much! I don't normally like sweet scents but this was so heavenly - going to have to stock up before Halloween ends! Fab post :)

    Tania | teabee x


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