Saturday, 12 November 2016

2017 Hobonichi Haul

Eeeeeeeeeeep!!! Oh my goodness. I am so terribly excited about this post because it'll mark:
1) The start of a weekly YouTube upload schedule (Every Saturday minimum); but also...
2) My first ever Hobonichi haul!

If you don't know who or what Hobonichi is, it's a Japanese stationery and planner manufacturer that offers a range of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning systems, alongside a bunch of fun and innovative accessories to make your journaling all the more fun and creative! Unfortunately, a lot of Hobonichi items are still not available to buy in the U.K. so that is why I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you some first impressions of what I ordered! I'll also be covering a lot more stationery/planner/journal related content here on the Hannah Delacour Blog, so do make sure to either favourite the site or to follow me on Bloglovin' here and subscribe to my YouTube channel which can be found here to be notified of any new uploads! Please find the video below to see what I picked up, and I hope you enjoy! 
Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead,
- Hannah x
2017 Hobonichi Haul


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Leesa Mattress Review: Combating Aches and Pains

Hi everyone. I think it goes without saying that I haven't posted much at all recently... and, in short, there's one key reason for that: pain. For those of you who don't know me all too well, I suffer from Joint Hyper-mobility Syndrome (JHS/ EDS-III), which essentially means that my ligaments are extremely loose. In turn, I find that they're not all that brilliant in helping to support my skeletal structure: in particular my spine. As you can probably imagine, that can result in a lot of clicks, cracks, dislocations and more. This is a long-term condition which means that I've had to deal with varying levels of pain for a number of years now, but over the past few months my sacroiliac joint somehow managed to get jammed/stuck (a joint located between the bottom of your spine and pelvic bone) which is extremely painful let me tell you!!!! Or, at least, it was. I'm doing a lot better now and the problem seems to be subsiding all due to weekly physiotherapy sessions, targeted exercise and what I'm going to talk with you about today: my new Leesa mattress.

After experiencing and testing out the Leesa mattress, and seeing the significant improvements I've made since I started using it, it's clear to me now that choosing the right mattress for you and your needs and wants is such a vital, important step when working towards a healthier, better-rested lifestyle. Even if you don't suffer from any obvious physical distress, I often find that people severely underestimate the effect that daily stresses and activities can play upon the body. As someone who also deals with the struggles of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) alongside JHS, I was thrilled when I discovered that Leesa would be interested in working with me to bring you a review of their mattress. I know that a lot of you who are regular readers of the Hannah Delacour blog also suffer from much physical and/or mental illness, and whilst a lot of focus is often played upon altering our every day lives during the day, it amazes me to think how much of us decide to ignore the area of our lives that we consistently rely on in order to maintain, better and prevent illness: our sleep. Additionally, the reason why Leesa's mattresses stood out to me in particular was just how convenient the whole product purchase experience was, which I'm going to tell you about now. (FOREWARNING: prepare to be amazed)...
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