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Leesa Mattress Review: Combating Aches and Pains

Hi everyone. I think it goes without saying that I haven't posted much at all recently... and, in short, there's one key reason for that: pain. For those of you who don't know me all too well, I suffer from Joint Hyper-mobility Syndrome (JHS/ EDS-III), which essentially means that my ligaments are extremely loose. In turn, I find that they're not all that brilliant in helping to support my skeletal structure: in particular my spine. As you can probably imagine, that can result in a lot of clicks, cracks, dislocations and more. This is a long-term condition which means that I've had to deal with varying levels of pain for a number of years now, but over the past few months my sacroiliac joint somehow managed to get jammed/stuck (a joint located between the bottom of your spine and pelvic bone) which is extremely painful let me tell you!!!! Or, at least, it was. I'm doing a lot better now and the problem seems to be subsiding all due to weekly physiotherapy sessions, targeted exercise and what I'm going to talk with you about today: my new Leesa mattress.

After experiencing and testing out the Leesa mattress, and seeing the significant improvements I've made since I started using it, it's clear to me now that choosing the right mattress for you and your needs and wants is such a vital, important step when working towards a healthier, better-rested lifestyle. Even if you don't suffer from any obvious physical distress, I often find that people severely underestimate the effect that daily stresses and activities can play upon the body. As someone who also deals with the struggles of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) alongside JHS, I was thrilled when I discovered that Leesa would be interested in working with me to bring you a review of their mattress. I know that a lot of you who are regular readers of the Hannah Delacour blog also suffer from much physical and/or mental illness, and whilst a lot of focus is often played upon altering our every day lives during the day, it amazes me to think how much of us decide to ignore the area of our lives that we consistently rely on in order to maintain, better and prevent illness: our sleep. Additionally, the reason why Leesa's mattresses stood out to me in particular was just how convenient the whole product purchase experience was, which I'm going to tell you about now. (FOREWARNING: prepare to be amazed)...

In all I think it took approximately five minutes to order my mattress, and to my amazement it turned up on my doorstep three days later. I don't know about you but past experience always led me to believe that it would take at least a few weeks for a large piece of furniture/mattress to arrive. So as you can imagine, I was extremely excited. It felt like Christmas had come early! (Yes, adulting is as fun as it sounds people). Nevertheless, at the same time I was also overcome with notions of uncertainty. I had ordered a king size mattress, yet what was delivered was a small box that stood to around two thirds of my height... how does that work?!

As you can imagine, I needed to open up the box immediately to see what was going on. I denied straight away that there could possibly be a mattress in that box. Much to my surprise, I was greeted with a large, cream, airtight swirl of a mattress that had been compressed within a thin layer of plastic. Intrigued by the bizarre nature of it's packaging, my curiosity pushed me to open this bad boy straight away and boy oh boy am I happy that I did because it was at the time this was delivered that my back pain had reached an all time high.

In order to free the mattress from it's air compressed swirl of magical-ness, all that was needed was a few minutes of time to unwrap the plastic sheet that held it in place; and before I knew it, I was greeted with a mattress folded in half. I felt at this point I had just accidentally performed some kind of magic trick. Even now I find it hard to contemplate how such a luxuriously soft, sturdy mattress could be packaged so conveniently and wonderfully. WHY aren't all mattresses packaged like this I found myself wondering. Next, all that was left to do was to lift the fairly lightweight mattress onto the bed, and flip over the second half so that it was fully laid out. 

The mattress began to expand as my very excited (and equally as bemused) mum started to cut open its main plastic cover, so quickly that within half an hour, there was a beautifully comfortable (and gorgeous looking may I just say) king size mattress spread across the bed. I didn't have to deal with the stresses of long delivery arrangements, or putting pressure on my back trying to get it upstairs or onto the bed, and that to me simply means the world. It felt quite liberating in a way - which isn't something I thought I'd feel when approaching this experience - because I was able to undertake a fairly difficult task without the repercussions of further back pain or anxiety.

The Leesa mattress itself consists of three different layers of foam that work together in order to adjust itself to your unique bodily weight and position, providing the optimum support needed alongside that relaxing haven we all long for in a bed. Whilst I would initially describe this mattress as 'soft' in nature, I wouldn't state that it's 'too soft' if that makes at all sense. Its firm enough to support your body correctly (as confirmed by my physiotherapist!), but its triple layer interiors are beautifully designed as to help you reach the heights of comfort. I'm sure you've been able to tell by now from my excitement just how much I love my new mattress. It's scary how I didn't even recognise that my previous mattress was clearly doing so much damage to my back. I honestly never knew a new, or indeed, different type of mattress could make not only so much difference to my quality of sleep each night, but also to the functioning of my everyday health and life (which is why I've gone into detail on this one! (Hope you don't mind!))

Overall, my experience with the Leesa mattress is only that which is 100% positive. Not only was the order process efficient and easy to work through, but the speed, convenient, and compact nature of its packaging and delivery methods totally won me over even before I had a chance to delve into the first nights sleep. Whats more is that Leesa offer a hundred-day test period refund, which means that if you find that the Leesa mattress isn't one that works for you after the point of purchase, you are able to return the mattress for a complete refund, where the used mattress is then donated to charitable organisations that seek to serve the homeless, and/or vulnerable members of society from children to the elderly. That leads me onto the cherry on the cake as to why I'll always purchase any and every future mattresses from Leesa: for every ten mattresses that Leesa sells, the company donates one onward to a relevant charity which I think perfectly projects the ethos of the company - simply wanting to offer people a quality product in order to help further enrich everyone and anyone's life in the process.

As part of this collaborative post, Leesa were very kind as to offer my readers a £50 discount by clicking through this link (This is NOT an affiliate link. I will not earn any commission from potential purchases) so if you're on the hunt for a new mattress, or after reading this post are questioning whether your current choice is the best for you, I'd wholly recommend at least checking out Leesa's site and the mattresses they have on offer.
Wishing you a lovely start on your journey to a better-rested future,
- Hannah x

*The product featured was gifted to me in exchange for a review. Nevertheless, this has not altered my views, and any opinions, experiences or thoughts that have been discussed remain my own.

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